Saints Row IV Preview

Saints Row IV Preview

In my *Johnny Gat voice* ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, teens and kids. Okay maybe not teens and kids as this game is rated M for Mature, so that means 17+ to this party!

Now you must be wondering why I am saying this. It must be my anticipation for Saints Row IV or my excitement along with it! This year, we had our first look at Saints Row IV, the upcoming open world sequel to the critically acclaimed “Saints Row 3”. What we have seen so far has definitely seemed to bring back that fun, energetic feel from the series. At first I was thinking, why not have this as DLC? But I was wrong in that aspect, and now glad that it’s not. Saints Row IV appears it will not fail to deliver a complete and fully new Saints Row experience! What we’ve seen so far is full of fun, wickedness, crazy, naughty, sci-fi, and surprisingly mucho dub-step moments. I was really impressed by the Saints Row IV Gameplay that was shown to the gamers this time.

The gameplay starts with the player in his house in a fictional Washington D.C, staying with his wife. The beginning of the gameplay gives a classic 1980’s feeling. The player eats pancakes and heads out to get the newspaper. When the player tries to get the newspaper, there are many comical scenes and moves performed while trying to fetch the newspaper. This was actually kind of how “Octodad” debuted itself.

The player then sets out of the house and campaigns for his presidency post when suddenly something strange occurs in the town. People start becoming invisible and react in a suspicious way. This is when we realize that something is wrong here. The citizens were actually aliens disguised and the player has to escape the place and kill a few aliens. The next part of the gameplay starts with the player, who finally becomes the president and is going to a press conference at the White House. The player is given some “Choice” tasks done by the president on the way to the conference.

One such task where the player has the option to choose to either “Cure Cancer” or “Destroy Hunger In The World”. Then the player finally starts to attend the conference, when the Zinyak (Alien Boss) attacks the conference along with his army of aliens known as Zin. The Zin abduct many people from the conference but the president escapes to his personal cabin where there lies his arsenal. The President equips different guns and marches out to kill the aliens and to find Zinyak. But there comes a point where the President and Zinyak start fighting and Zinyak defeats the President and abducts him.

The president then is tele-ported to a “Simulation” known as the “Simulation 31” which is a simulation of a virtual Steelport. There player acquires various powers such as flying, telekinesis, flash running, power to freeze one, and a fire power. The player then sets out on an epic journey to get him and the Saints out of the Simulation.

Various activities such as the “Mech Mayhem”, “Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Activity”, and others are looking quite promising too. The gameplay preview ends shortly after the mini games. Saints Row IV is one of the most highly anticipated open-world games of all time and will see release on Windows PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on August 20, 2013 in North America as well as a few days later on August 23, 2013 in Europe. For more of the latest Saints Row IV information check out our OFFICIAL RGN SAINTS ROW IV Section. Until August 20 we say be take care and blessed gamers!

Official Trailer:

Excerpt from Volition’s  Official Press Release:

Five years after the events of the “Save Shaundi” ending in Saints Row: The Third, the leader of the Third Street Saints is elected President of the United States. It’s not long before an alien invasion occurs and the Protagonist and the Saints are kidnapped by aliens known as the Zin and their leader Zinyak, The Player is transported to a virtual version of Steelport where The Player can use super powers to fight against the Zin empire.


Release date
  • NA (NORTH AMERICA) August 20, 2013
  • EU (EUROPE) August 23, 2013


Platform Microsoft Windows
Playstation 3
Xbox 360


Developers Volition INC.
High Voltage Software


Publisher Deep Silver

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