Stock Market Used to Hack 160 Million Credit Cards Since 2008

Stock Market Used to Hack over 160 Million Credit Cards

According to a new indictment from the United States Department of Justice in collaboration with other worldwide authorities, further increasing the worry and uncertainty of the upcoming digital-only money era, it is being alleged that the Stock Market has been used by a very small group of intelligent hackers to live out what sounds like a plot to Hollywood’s next flick. Apparently NASDAQ has been hacked since ’08 as the indictment reads and it’s being pinned on 5-men who allegedly also have been running a hacking ring responsible for 160 million credit cards. Here’s some private instant messages shared between the group which the British equivalent of the feds shared with the world today:

“NASDAQ is owned,”

“30 SQL servers, and we can run whatever on them, already cracked admin PWS but the network not viewable yet. those dbs are hell big and I think most of info is trading histories.”

The hackers have also been named as multiple world governments worked together to catch them. God only knows what took so long. The hack has effected the 160 million+ credit cards but also effected the following companies: Nasdaq stock exchange, Citibank, PNC Bank, Heartland Payment Systems, 7-Eleven, JCPenney, Hannaford Brothers, and more.

  • Aleksandr Kalinin – Has not been apprehended at the time of this post.
  • Albert Gonzalez
  • Dmitriy Smilianets
  • Vladimir Drinkma
  • Roman Kotov – Has not been apprehended at the time of this post.
  • Mikhail Rytikov – Has not been apprehended at the time of this post.

The way they pulled things off is actually quite fascinating, and a full report on everything can be found HERE. Time will tell the completion of this attempt by law enforcement to stop the hackers, but if they are planning on travelling on aircraft attempting to evade capture; they will likely be grabbed fairly quickly as worldwide governments work together more than ever practically ignoring laws to get the people they want.

With security this great (sarcasm), I’m quite sure that the world is very excited to make the switch to a globalized, all digital money standard which will begin some time around 2018 and eventually become mandatory if the United Nations and World Bank has their way. Don’t worry bro, you’re totally safe. It only took 6 guys to completely turn Wall St. upside down and 5 years for somebody to actually do something about it, digital money is obviously the future right?

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