BioShock Infinite Season Pass Holders Who Complained Are Hypocritical

BioShock Infinite DLC Season Pass

BioShock Infinite received massive amounts of criticism for being late to the game with delivering downloadable content for those who purchased the early available Season Pass for the title. While on the one hand praising Levine and crew for constructing the DLC post-game (which is a pretty rare occurrence in the biz, just google ‘Capcom DLC already on disc’ if you don’t believe me), gamers have also taken to the message boards in fits of rage that BioShock Infinite’s DLC was not even detailed never-mind being actually given a release date until very recently.

Unfortunately gamers, this type of hypocritical action will not help you get your way in future DLC endeavors from Levine and crew or any game company for that matter. Gamers since time immemorial have enjoyed to get extra content to their games, but it was only in our recent history that the practice of ‘expansion packs’ has gone to the wayside for the implementation of ‘DLC’ as an industry practice. Typically, gamers have complained anytime they learned that this DLC was made at the same time as the development of the rest of the game.

To their credit, often times this DLC was nothing more than small amounts of cut content that many felt should have been just left in the original game. Even still worse, some of this stuff has turned out to be nothing more than costumes which were already on the disc which they paid for but just locked until purchases were made digitally for a license to the content.

By complaining about BioShock Infinite’s Season Pass taking too long to have DLC detailed and given a release date for it (which in its self is actually not quit unreasonable) gamers are basically turning their back on the one crew that decided they wouldn’t sell you things that was already made during the game’s development. Way to go gamers, as usual the internet minority attempts to represent the majority by saying ‘don’t make the DLC at the same time as the game!’ only to rage even worse than that when a company finally listens to them and is told ‘you’re taking way too long, can’t you make the DLC faster after making the game?’. Apparently not guys, apparently not. I thought the whole point of demanding companies to make DLC post-game was to not have rushed product, but maybe that’s just me.

BioShock Infinite released in March 26, 2013. The Season Pass should have probably never existed since it caused people to flip their lids for the DLC taking so long, however BioShock Infinite is one of the few games in the business that actually made the DLC post-game instead of during production, which many gamers have demanded for years now. Good news though folks, this will all soon be behind us as BioShock Infinite’s DLC is promised to get a full reveal Monday morning (at the time of this post that should be within 6 hours or so). **UPDATE HERE** Initial reports were taken out of context, Tuesday Morning is likely the date of first reveal for BioShock DLC #1. “‘All Season Pass content will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace/PlayStation Store by March 2014’”. G’day!

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