RealGamerNewz Interviews Hatred Game Dev Studio: Gameplay, Mods, Game Length, & More

Hatred On Steam Interview RealGamerNewz Destructive Creations

The following Interview has taken place between Editors Team and the developers at Destructive Creations who have created the controversial game Hatred (Available On Steam) and Rated Adults Only.

RealGamerNewz: Hello Team at Destructive Creations,

RealGamerNewz Question #1. Was it a difficult decision to leave the game mostly unedited and keep the A.O. Rating or did it come naturally?

[Przemysław Szczepaniak, Business Development Manager] There were no difficult decisions. The game from the beginning was meant to be like it is now. You may say it came out naturally. AO rating was given because of the context, and what’s most interesting, Hatred was AO rated before it was even released and examined by ESRB.

RealGamerNewz Question #2. For people who don’t understand what’s this game about?

[P. Sz.] Hatred is an isometric twin-stick shooter where you play a role of a cold-blooded Antagonist who hates the world and wants to eliminate everyone. Hatred is about diving into the mind of someone who hates people unconditionally and without a reason. You will not be given the reason for the main character’s action, you will not be given a story of why he is like that. As a player you will have to figure that on your own.

RealGamerNewz Question #3. What is the vision behind the game-play?

[P. Sz.] It’s is an action shooter with a lot of tactics. Combat is the main focus here, we didn’t plan any amazing storyline, quests for glory, crafting, super powers or anything like that. You will have to think, shoot a lot, hide, run, force your way through enemy fire, and perform some side quests on your way.

RealGamerNewz Question #4. What is the main character’s narrative and / or perspective?

[P. Sz.] He doesn’t have a back story and it will not be explained in the game. Players will have to figure this out on their own. He is just a nameless, cold-blooded psychopath motivated by hatred towards the humanity.

Hatred Video Game RealGamerNewz Interview 2 Destructive Creations

RealGamerNewz: Question #5. Were there any games that you’ve been inspired by and what was it about them which influenced Hatred?

[P. Sz.] The main inspiration was Postal 1, but the idea behind our game was to make something darker, more serious, and with a better technical background.

RealGamerNewz: Question #6. When can Hatred be played on Steam (Release Date)?

[P. Sz.] We announced the date already, it’s June 1st, 2015. It will be available on Steam, Desura and probably a few other platforms.

RealGamerNewz Question #7. Is there any chance at a release on through the new GOG Galaxy?

[P. Sz.] Can’t really tell, we don’t have any decision about that yet.

RealGamerNewz Question # 8. Are there any other places the game will be available upon release date?

[P. Sz.] As I answered above, there might be, but we won’t reveal that yet.

RealGamerNewz Question #9. How many levels will there be?

[P. Sz.] 7 free-roam open levels with some side quests.

Hatred On Steam Interview RealGamerNewz Destructive Creations Mods

RealGamerNewz Question # 10. Is there going to be any kind of Steam Workshop Mod Support or other Level Editors, etc.?

[P. Sz.] Yes, we plan support for modders a bit after release. We will announce that when we are ready.

RealGamerNewz: Thanks so much for your time and have a great week!

[P. Sz.] Thanks a lot too, have a great one! Greetings to all our fans and supporters!

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