Final Fantasy VII – The Web Series Kickstarter taken down by Square Enix

Crisis Core
Screenshot from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PSP.

Near the end of July, a Kickstarter project was launched in an attempt to raise funds for an unofficial Final Fantasy VII live action web series. The ambitious creators wanted to raise a whopping $400,000 for the project. Many fans were really excited to finally see something like this being undertaken but others were skeptical that it could be pulled off. $400,000 is a lot of money. Would Square Enix really allow such a high budget series to be made based on one of their intellectual properties? Series director Gionata Medeot told gaming sites such as Kotaku that he wasn’t worried about Square Enix’s laywers taking the project down.

Well it looks like he should have been a little worried, since the project was officially taken off the Kickstarter website today.  Square Enix sent Kickstarter an official-sounding letter telling them the project was in violation of their copyrighted intellectual property. Prior to being taken down, the project had raised around $25,000. Here is the full text of the letter, as linked on what was previously the project’s Kickstarter page:

Date: Aug 1, 2013
SenderSquare Enix, Inc.

999 N. Sepulveda Blvd., 3rd Floor, El Segundo, California 90245
Sent via email

Kickstarter, Inc.
155 Rivington St.
New York, NY 10002

Re: Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series (Unofficial Fan Project)

Description of copyrighted material: 

Square Enix is the owner of all intellectual property rights to the Final Fantasy® franchise under which videogames, online services, and motion pictures have been published. The videogame Final Fantasy VII has been registered with the Copyright Office, including but not limited to, US Copyright No. TX0004508436 and V3519D554. You may see the official game introduced at the following websites:

Description of infringing material:

The link provided directs you to the project Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series.

The project itself is in infringement of our copyrights and should be removed in its entirety from Kickstarter.
· The project itself admits it is an unofficial fan project in its title “Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series (Unofficial Fan Project).

· The description of the project itself claims to use the copyrighted characters and events of Final Fantasy VII.

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