Forge of Empires: The Computer’s “Hobbit: Kingdoms Of Middle Earth”

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Today’s topic is “Forge of Empires”; a Completely free online game of building and growing an empire to your liking. Lets begin at well the beginning. You start off with a single unit (your city hall so to say) and the entire game starts in the stone age time frame. you can build hunters for materials and huts for population control. As you build and add to your research you begin to enter the stone age and so on. As you go through the time frames your “city hall” upgrades with the times. This game is based around making you city into an empire that is current with the time frame you are in.

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Don’t worry your not alone in the game. You can join clans and talk to your neighbors. Helping others also helps you in growing. Some of the main points of this game is building material producers and building your army. Your army will keep up with your time as well but in a different way then you “city hall”. As you level up your research you get better training centers or “barracks” allowing you to make bigger and better soldiers. There is a battle style in the game if you chose to attack something or someone. Its not the best battle style, in my opinion, but its still interesting.

I like the big group of people and your reaction time is key to winning. This battle style is more like “Final Fantasy” where it is a turn by turn fight and die. Its more strategic and makes it possible for the underdog to win. If you decide to pick up the game i believe you will enjoy it at first. Like I said you are mostly building and fighting. The building as you go through time will take longer and longer so be prepared to wait when you are far in time. All-in-all after playing this game and “Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth” i give it a 7 out of 10 or a 3 1/2 of 5.

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