Fanboy Rage Shows ‘Certain Groups’ of PlayStation Gamers Have Hatred for Anything Non-PlayStation; Even Sony at Times

Sony Fanboy Jahmai Williams of GaminRealm

Perhaps the biggest hypocrites of all time, the PlayStation fanboy group has grown from the underdog nerd that everybody bullied in high school (last-gen, if you will) to the jock that’s just leaving kids hanging by their underpants on basketball courts around the globe daily. Today’s episode from the incredibly pathetic and hilarious nerd rage displayed by Jahmai Williams of GaminRealm in the article “Sony Sells Out with PlayStation All-Stars Island” shows the very core spirit of this hatred which is being displayed all over the internet for anything non-PlayStation.

While I respect the freedom of speech in a site that allows an article like “Gamers Are Just Nit-Picking the Xbox ONE Now” to co-exist at the same time as this Sony fanboy rage post, I have to take it apart and dissect it in my own 1st amendment supported way.

The desired effect of PlayStation All-Stars Island on iPhone and Android platforms (iOS and Google Play) is for people who normally wouldn’t have known or cared about PlayStation’s exclusive characters to pick up the game and play it then think to themselves “Hmm, I should get a PlayStation, because this game is awesome”.


Sony already announced this was going to happen. You’re pretty bad at paying attention Jahmai. Sony already partnered with Google to form the PlayStation Suite and has already been heavy on marketing their Sony Ericsson with PlayStation Suite games. These are mobile games available to Google Play (and in some cases iOS) gamers who want that PlayStation quality experience on their phones. Have fun playing with Nathan Drake, Cole MacGrath, Sackboy, and Kat from Gravity Rush but don’t for one second think that this means Sony is selling out. This is called “cross-promotion” and if you had more of an open mind and less of a fanboy mentality you might understand that. We appreciate you trying to keep the electronics / entertainment giant Sony honest, but in this case you are just being a hater. Next time try aiming down the sights first buddy.

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