Payday 2 Beta Impressions

I’m not really one to make a judgement off of a beta so I’ll keep this short. An exception can be made for 505 and Overkill’s next installment of the franchise considering that it is buy to play beta (a system I’m not too fond of as it is. That’s another thing I will address one of these days). The game was fun and intriguing like I was hoping it’d be. I wasn’t a big fan of the first one simply because I didn’t like the robbing aspect. Not that I find that wrong or anything. If you like robbing people on your free time, then that’s what you like to do. I’m just not a fan of being a criminal in games which is also a reason why I’m not a big GTA fan. Not sure what it is because I’ve stolen more than enough ladies hearts in my day. So that makes me a real life criminal.

Like that? Yeah. I knew you would. Anyway, back to the game! I only invested a total of 30 minutes into the game mostly due to some technical difficulties, but I had fun waiting for my drill to open the safe as I impatiently and angrily paced back and forth. For some reason, an alarm was triggered because apparently my accomplices have never robbed a jewelry store before! I wish the A.I. could have been a little more responsive when it came to that, but it’s a beta! A beta that is also pretty much in the completion stage, though.

It also could have been on me to guard the hostages, drill the safe, grab all 6 bags, and then jet to the van, but what good are these other guys if they’re just sitting around crouched down? Also, what’s the deal with the getaway van getting away when the cops haven’t arrived yet, but coming back in the middle of gunfire in the middle of the police for us to all jump in?

The game seems to promise a lot of fun and I think the real core of the game will be with multiplayer on this one. Something I didn’t get to experience this weekend. Perhaps next weekend, or even launch!

Are you in the beta? Are you Enjoying it? Payday 2 releases for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on August 13, 2013 (and August 16, 2013 if you’re in Europe).

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