5 Reasons Why Gamers Need To Unite

We have come a long way from the era of gaming when it was looked at as something kids or nerds partake in. The gaming industry is a juggernaut when it comes to entertainment even out grossing Hollywood in revenue. Video games captivate us, allow us to be heroes, villains, and teach us to use teamwork with perfect strangers. There is no color, or religion, or differences. Video games bring people together in ways that the real world can’t even achieve. Yeah, you got your trash talking, but that comes with the territory much like it does with football, basketball, or any sport for that matter. So here’s a few reasons why PC vs Console vs Console vs The other console that everyone forgot about, should be a thing of the past.

5. We Are Still a Minority
Now I get that there needs to be some competitive business, and it is in our nature to choose sides, but we as gamers are still a minority despite the popularity growth of gaming as a culture. People still stereotype gamers as a bunch of fat no life individuals who live with their parents, fat, and love watching androgynous cartoon men over dramatically fight each other for 20 episodes.

This isn't too far from the truth

How many people openly brag about being a gamer? When someone who does openly love video games says they do, the opposing person always has that “Omg.. like. what?” look on their face, and when you meet someone who enjoys video games you’re excited as if it is some sort of rare occasion  The industry is growing greatly, but we are still shunned by this fascist society! I’m kidding. I just always wanted to say that in some context.

4. Girls Like To Game Too

Can you move please? I got a raid in 5.

It’s not easy for a female to join in on a mostly male dominated activity and gain the respect they think they deserve, but just like with most man-oriented hobbies, (I was proof reading and thought that said “boobies”, and I was the one who wrote it!) women will have a tendency to enjoy them, too. Some men gamers aren’t yet accepting of this and curse the day women were allowed to vote because as soon as they were able to vote is when men started losing their “balls” (three pointer going in!).

One thing we need to do as gamers is not label each other by sex. Phrases like “girl gamer” are something that needs to die in the community if we want unity among us. Gamers are gamers regardless of sex, religion, or race. Girls who game deserve our respect beyond just being pretty faces who enjoy a joystick between their hands and told “boobs or GTFO”. But also so says the guy who included a half naked chick in the picture.

3. Console Wars Are Pointless.

You heard me. Pointless. Most fanboys argue over which console is better to play Call of Duty on. Which is a game that is available on ALL platforms. Exclusives are a dying breed in the industry because developers want money, and in order to expand their audience and get more of that crisp cash to line their greedy money hungry pockets they cut down on making exclusives for one platform. Any exclusives you will see are mostly owned by Microsoft or Sony and only make up less than 5% of the titles available to us. That’s why you see grabs for who gets DLC first, but even then everyone else will get to pay $15 for 2 weapons and 1 map later at some point. So even that becomes pointless.

2. Limiting Yourself  To One Platform Limits Your Experience

Not our virginity. NOT TODAY!

So you don’t give a s#### about Call of Duty and you’re all about whatever gaming machine you got a hard on over and its exclusive library. You’re such an elitist fanboy that despite how many good reviews you see, word of mouth from friends, trusted family members, and that guy Steve who talks too much and kinda seems lame, you bad mouth the game anyway just so all the world knows where you stand.  You right there are missing a golden opportunity to experience a new story told by a different mind. Granted not everyone has the coin to drop on every console, or a bad ass gaming rig, but does that justify the fanboyism? Maybe it’s jealousy, or maybe you’re still a virgin calling other people on the internet virgins. Whatever it is, you need to dip into some other Kool-Aid and try purple over red. You might like it.

1. We All Like Video Games

Possibly the most simplistic and to the point phrase of this whole article. I could have saved you like 5 minutes worth of reading just by making that the top reason. Despite what your stance is on what you prefer to game on, you can agree with everyone else that you love the feeling of just having the screen on with some beverages and junk food next to you. Maybe you’re running and gunning in a shooter, raiding with 45 other people in a dungeon on a popular MMO, or maybe you’re just playing a game to relax and come down from the day. Whatever the reason is that you like to game, you share that with every other gamer hardcore or casual. When did a fun past time become such a competition? Why do we have to choose one or the other? We all have our opinions, and we all like what we like. But one thing that we all have in common is, that we are gamers and we are here to stay.

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