Mega Man 11 Announced w/ Gameplay Trailer and Release Date Target

A true Gamers’ Game, Mega Man 11 has been announced and detailed in gameplay trailer by Capcom – one of our nominee companies for ‘Biggest Comeback’ award. Some have even said this is a fans’ next best chance at something The Mighty No. 9 may not have satisfied in their itch for the blue bomber to return.

Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Capcom’s Mega Man team have created the game with a sense of what worked and didn’t work in Mega Man 10. Focus on classics, particularly Mega Man 2, is also at the forefront of design for this title. Dr. Wily is at it again!

  • Gears Below Health / Weapon Gauges are part of a brand-new gameplay system, yet-to-be revealed. Stay Tuned!
  • 4 Difficulty Settings for the game.
  • Right Analog Stick Weapon Wheel for fast combat decisions, or just press Left and Right shoulder buttons to switch in order.

Mega Man 11
Developed & Published by: Capcom
Game Director: Koji Oda
Producer: Kazuhiro Tsuchiya
Artist: Yuji Ishihara

Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Target: Q4 2018

  • Weapon / Armor change based on which weapon is in use. After defeating Robot Masters, get their weapons as traditional for the Mega Man franchise.
  • 8 Robot Masters available to fight right away, not 4 at a time like some Mega Man titles are.

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