Killing Floor’s New Summer Event

Killing Floor

Tripwire Interactive has announced the details for it’s new annual Summer event for their most popular game, the Coop Survival Horror Killing Floor. The event is entitled “Summer Sideshow Pier of Pain” and set to launch on July 4th. The update brings an all new mode for the first time since the game’s release simply called “Objective Mode”.

As the name implies, Objective Mode gives the players missions and goals to complete such as escorting NPC’s and fetching items to complete maps. The only map this mode is available on thus far is a new map also being released with the update called “Steamland”, a map heavily inspired by Steampunk fashion. Tripwire does however plan to release modding tools for this new game mode, allowing players to make their own maps, similar to the custom maps currently available on the Steam Workshop. Steamland will also be available as a map on the standard game mode.

Along with a new map and a new mode, with the update comes new characters, and it’s good news for those gamers who want to play as a female but don’t wish to play as Ash Harding, thus far the only female character in Killing Floor.  Two new characters have been introduced, Mrs Foster available to buy through DLC and Steampunk Mrs Foster available after you unlock a certain number of achievements.

Tripwire has also released two new weapon packs available as DLC as part of the update, the “Community Steampunk Weapon Pack” and the “Golden Gun Weapon Pack 2”. Included in these new weapon packs are gold re-skins of the Flamethrower, Chainsaw, AA12 and Handcannons which have a tiger striped design. All new weapons are included in the Steampunk Weapon Pasck including the “Orca Bomb Propeller”, which shoots little explosive grenades which take a few seconds to detonate, the “Multichamber ZED thrower”, a steam powered auto shotgun whose secondary fire sends ZED’s blasting away in a pulse of steam, the “Single Piston Longmusket”, a Victorian era inspired rifle fitted with telescopic sights, and “Dr. T’s Lead Delivery System”, which as of yet has no information except that “it’s drum beast a sound of terrible fear into your enemies.”

To sum that all up, an all new map, all new game mode, two all new weapon packs, two all new playable characters as well as all new achievements. Not bad for a free update to a four year old game now is it?

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