Final Fantasy VII Now Available for Windows PC on Steam

Final Fantasy VII Steam PC

It might not be a high-definition remake, it might not be on a PlayStation, but you can play Final Fantasy VII’s PC re-release starting today thanks to Steam. It has considerably better looking 3D models than the original PlayStation version, though the backgrounds may appear a little washed out, since they were created for smaller resolutions. FF7 is the game that gave birth to Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, and of course Vincent Valentine, characters that had such an impact on gaming and those who played FF7 that they are now forever engraved into the industry and still make their presence known now and again.

FF7 is also an epic tale in which the world just might end, the military-industrial complex rules the planet thanks to a corrupt and complacent government, and the ladies need a real hero who isn’t blinded by rage or greed. Step up to the plate and see what Square Enix is perhaps best known for today on Steam for only $12 (more info: click HERE).

Those scared of paying for what they already own, fear not. This release includes 36 Steam Achievements, Cloud-save file management, and an Easy mode for those who are scared to grind it out in the world’s most famous JRPG of all time (though we recommend playing it the way it’s meant to be played).

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