Wii U’s Potential Failure Imminent

Wii U Games

With the Wii U having been out for more than half a year now, many would assume that it would have gained a huge lead over its competitors. But this is not the case, Wii U sales have been lacking at best and disastrous at its worst. Wii U sales have clocked in at around 3.5 million units worldwide whereas Nintendo expected to shift 2 million Wii U’s every month. Many fingers have pointed and many people are saying various key points with the Wii U are to blame, lack of advertising, lack of hardware power, the name, its controller, but I think the issue is more simple than any of these; GAMES, it needs them, and now.

I have a Wii U myself, and since its release, I’ve acquired three games for it, New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU and Nintendoland, everyone knows why this is, it’s not because I’m not interested in any of the games that have come out for it, the problem is deeper than that. There ARE no games for the Wii U. While many have been announced to come out for it the future such as Zelda, Donkey Kong and Super Smash Bros, none of this helps the console now.

While I hold the firm belief these games will jump start sales, consumers shouldn’t have had to wait more than a year for any decent key games to come out for a new console. The Wii launched with its highly popular title Twilight Princess on its release, the GameCube launched with its New IP Luigi’s Mansion with Super Smash Bros Melee coming out soon after, even the Nintendo 64 launched with Super Mario 64. Now look ahead to the Wii U, we had New Super Mario Bros U along with late ports with nothing else to come afterwards. And now you see the problem.

Look back to the PS3 which had similar launch problems with no strong first party games besides from Resistance. The 3DS had the same problem too, no good launch titles with even less to follow up doesn’t give a console a good start. Multiple third party developers have pulled their support on the Wii U since its release whether it be originally exclusive games such as Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and Rayman Legends going multiplatform or just no plans for any releases such as Battlefield 4.

This being said, other exclusive games have remained faithful to Nintendo such as Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101, maybe this is a sign some third party developers have faith in Nintendo’s latest console. This is just hard for some developers when even Nintendo themselves seem to be unsure of they want the Wii U to do which only seems to backed up by the lack of first party games. Nintendo have announced the transition to HD graphics was challenging for them, but if they weren’t ready to make games for the Wii U, they should not have released the console in the first place.

To make my point clear, the Wii U is not a bad console, it’s unique controller makes it the best console for innovative titles and the console itself has huge potential and could go on to win the console race again like its predecessor, but Nintendo needs to show everyone what the Wii U can really do when developers try and utilize the console to the best of its abilities. At the moment no one is sure of what it can actually do, just what it could do, if Nintendo want this console to pick up, they need these upcoming games to really showcase the Wii U and make people want to buy one for its originality and uniqueness.

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