Roguelike PC Exclusive: “The Pit: MindGames” Expansion Out Now for Sword of the Stars: The Pit

Sword of the Stars The Pit - MindGames DLC

If you know what a roguelike game is then chances are you’ve played heavily praised Sword of the Stars: The Pit exclusively on PC and available now on Steam. If you aren’t in the know, the roguelike genre is a variation (often called ‘variant’) of the massively popular role playing game (RPG) genre.

Host to more of a cult classic type of fanbase, the roguelike genre arguably began almost as soon as the computer with titles like Angband and its billions of clones and inspired derivatives. Angband is famous for existing before graphics were able to be used, the character was represented by a @ symbol and the world around you were ASCII symbols that represented treasure, empty floor tiles, threats, treasure chests, and more.

Eventually roguelike has evolved to feature full graphic sets and many more features previously unseen for the genre. However, it wasn’t really until the release of Sword of the Stars: The Pit by developer Kerberos that roguelike truly reached perfection. The game is available today for $9.99 and The Pit: MindGames expansion is out today for $4.99 adding two new classes, the first playable alien character, and much more. Click HERE to check out the Steam listing for both.

Take a look at the trailer for the original title, and below that the new SCREENSHOTS for the MindGames Expansion:


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