Rambo The Video Game Trailer from Reef Entertainment Brings Back Brutal Memories

Rambo the Video Game

Rambo III for the Sega Genesis. If those words didn’t just bring a flood of memories, running through buildings full of gunfights that took fast-paced tactical killing to another level. Blowing up turrets, trucks, and just facing altogether ridiculous odds happened as quickly as you jammed the cartridge in and flipped the power on. And you haven’t really played it until you’ve taken out a dozen helicopters with a bow and explosive tip arrow with nothing but your strength and rage to keep you alive.

Reef Entertainment has announced today with the following trailer that Rambo will return to gaming! Rambo The Video Game releases Winter 2013 for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We hope this is just the beginning of great things as the franchise that rocked the Sega Genesis takes a risk to bring you some of the most brutal killing you’ve ever seen.

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