Gamers Want Digital, But Don’t Know It

xbox one green

When Microsoft announced its extreme policies that were originally going to be placed on the Xbox One, the entire gaming community decided they absolutely hated the idea of gaming going digital. We tend to think of things we buy as being more valuable when it’s a physical item. We forget to think about the benefits of going digital and having a consistent online connection. Sharing and selling digital games is now possible with next gen consoles and this is a huge step in transitioning to the digital gaming world that is ahead. Games will be even more valuable from online cloud technology that will allow games to feel like living worlds and merge multiplayer and single player all in one experience.

As I say this, I also believe Microsoft put a little too much weight on the gas pedal and tried to force all of this on gamers at once. But gamers don’t realize what the digital gaming world can bring or how many benefits will come out of it. Cheaper game prices and developers with more money in their pockets to keep the industry going smooth are just a couple examples of extreme benefits to come. So gamers, prepare yourselves as we transition to the digital age of gaming in this next generation. Don’t just shun the idea away. Get used to idea and get excited for what gaming is about to offer us all. Comment and let me know what you think. Until next time, game on!

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