MegaRan + K-Murdock Performing at PAX Prime 2013

MegaRan K Murdock PAX 2013

Along side Bit Brigade and The Protomen, and with K-Murdock AND a live band MegaRan AKA Random (listen to his music, HERE, I mean now!) will be performing from his extra large, gamer-centric catalog of hits from projects including Black Materia (Final Fantasy VII Meets Hip Hop), Ghouls N Ghosts with Richie Branson, Forever Famicom with production by K-Murdock the man himself, and much more. This is something people at Seattle, Washington’s video game convention should be excited about and look forward to.

You can also catch Ran doing a lot of West Coast touring with some East Coast, Down South, and Mid-West stuff coming to the table as well. Check out Random AKA MegaRan’s full tour listings by clicking HERE. To catch the official music of PAX post which also names even more vets like MC Frontalot as performers this year, click HERE. If you still haven’t heard anything from this artist, see why everybody in the gaming world and hip hop are going crazy at the originality being offered below:

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