RGN Analysis: Ubisoft Newest Member of ‘IP Milking’ Club; Are First Person Shooters Dead?

RGN Analysis

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Convo Key: T = Tristan , J = Jon

T: Ubisoft says ‘we won’t start a game unless we can franchise it’, get ready for 6 Watch Dogs games before 2020. GTA V looks a lot better than Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs looks like it should have come out in 2009. It looks like a game that you could play and enjoy, but not for very long.

J: If it’s going to be on the current generation and the next generation then it’s not really a true next-gen experience.

T: I don’t think GTA V will be on next-gen.

J: GTA V definitely won’t be on next-gen any time soon. Neither will Gran Turismo 6. People are reporting on Polyphony Digital basically saying “someday we’ll do it” as cold hard fact that it’s coming, and some people reading stuff like that think this means within the first year of PlayStation 4’s launch. That is a ridiculous assertion considering that Polyphony was touting Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3 for an incredibly long amount of time before it actually came out as a full game. These words should be taken as grains of salt.

T: Rockstar Games clearly stated GTA V is being made to max out current hardware. Sony and Polyphony Digital have said the same about Gran Turismo 6. People need to just let them make other games for next-generation like a GT7 and GTA6 (and there’s no reason to rush for either of these either).

J: Agreed.

T: Both games in terms of graphics on the current gen systems look better than Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs.

J: I don’t know about graphics since AC4 and WD have next-gen versions, but GTA V is definitely more advanced in terms of being a much bigger world than we’ve ever seen before with way more things to do in it than a game like Watch Dogs guaranteed. It’s about hacking, every gameplay shot looks exactly the same. How boring is this game eventually going to be?

T: GTA V lets you plan out your missions in new ways that provide purely different experiences each time. Watch Dogs is like hack this, run over that. Free will but nothing to do with it. AC4 is going to be killing some red coats, stealing money, and getting wenches on the high seas.

J: Watch Dogs… I don’t even understand how this is considered open-world. They’ve yet to reveal any detailed information about it besides “you can hack ‘everything'”. What exactly ‘everything’ is and how does this works in gameplay terms, not PR spin terms, remains to be seen. It looks like the multi-player is a single player story mode game with free-roam thrown in for the sake of it. Like your buddies are going to be sitting there going “Did you finish your mission yet? No? Cool, I’ll just hack another ATM then.” or if they aren’t your buddies run up on you and hack you like the extremely simplistic and boring Assassin’s Creed multiplayer. This type of multiplayer has already been seen before at the start of this current generation and a million years ago on PC but is being heralded as new somehow.

T: In GTA V, you have 3 characters you control which you can switch between at any given time if you want to see what they are doing when you’re playing as the other two. They will actually be doing things too, not just sitting there while you’re busy.

J: GTA V is just totally different than most games in a lot of ways. It seems like every time we turn around there’s something new being shown for it. Watch Dogs on the other hand is the exact same thing, hack ‘everything’ and ‘anything’ which is pretty much nothing and who cares. I’m glad they are trying to do something different, but beyond the initial shock of a fresh idea you end up with a stale concept that just isn’t that interesting nor exciting as you originally thought.

T: Speaking of the Watch Dogs multiplayer since you mentioned it a minute ago, Destiny and Titanfall are like single, co op, multiplayer mixed into one package. What do you think about that?

J: Unfortunately I am skeptical about how fun those two really are. I want to support all three of these games, but just because they are New IPs (and the industry is starving for New) doesn’t mean they are going to be as compelling as we are meant to believe at this stage in the early marketing campaign. As for Destiny and Titanfall specifically, they look like they will be good, for shooters. But shooters are dying out as a genre.

T: I don’t think they are dying, but borderline and definitely on life support. Basically, next-generation will make or break the genre and decide whether they die or survive because the fluke popularity (and companies chasing to replicate the success of) games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 held the industry back last gen.

J: If all they can do is be story games, then forget that. Titanfall and Destiny are like “Hey bro, want some more stories? Good. Because that’s all we’ve got…”. There’s no evolution. Just because it’s super duper multiplayer/singleplayer hybrid doesn’t mean anything that’s why Defiance got no love. Destiny and Titanfall look light years beyond Defiance, but just like I said about Watch Dogs this type of multiplayer mixed with single player has been around for an entire 7 year generation and was actually existing before that on PC. Is this what we’re left with as the legacy of first person shooter games? Story mode is the only thing they are going to do with it from now on? I guess we shouldn’t be extremely shocked, since all of the competitive multiplayer experiences continue to be abandoned faster and faster each time they release one.

T: They’re not really story, well at least not Titanfall because Respawn Entertainment said that game is more about multiplayer diversity. To me Titanfall is like a bigger, badder, more large-scale version of Call of Duty but with more originality. Destiny is basically like Halo Reach, which was fun. Halo 4 was on another level though, it evolved the series and somewhat the genre. However, Destiny literally rips off powers straight out of Mass Effect. They even look exactly the same! Look at the power they showed at the end of the E3 2013 demo and then look up Mass Effect Biotics. Bungie ripped off Bioware because they apparently couldn’t think of anything better than ‘Halo Reach 2: PS3 Edition’. Aiming down the sights is a new feature? Genius. Even though the weapons all function exactly like Halo: Reach, I’m still hoping it’s not as bland as it seems.

Halo is good but Destiny is like Halo: Reach which is considered the worst by the fan base. It looks a lot more like a Halo: Reach 2 than I’d like to believe, and from a gameplay standpoint not aesthetics. It’s not a bad thing if they do it right, it’s just sad that we’re probably not going to get anything revolutionary in terms of new enemies. The A.I. appears exactly the same as Halo, except the Prometheans which makes sense because 343 Industries created them. In all reality this Destiny game is like Halo which is essentially based on Marathon. Bungie didn’t exactly re-write the book here, they got straight to work making a new version of the same game they’ve been selling since the beginning of time.

It is of course too early to set all of this in stone though. A lot can change between now and 2014 when it releases. Halo 4 was a true evolution. Reach felt like a Call of Duty version of Halo. In the beta, it was awesome, but then forum jockeys complained and manipulated the game by controlling the balance updates that were created by Bungie who no longer cared anyways since they knew they were going to be competing with this franchise soon. I’m seriously thinking a lot of people will just stick with the real Halo on Xbox ONE unless Bungie makes this game unique before it releases.

I think Destiny will be a good game, don’t get me wrong, but nothing new in terms of gameplay. The idea of a shared world shooter is what’s new and we will see if that even works. But I don’t think shooters are dead. Halo 4 evolved the genre, and Half Life 3 will…

J: That’s if Half Life 3 even exists…

T: Me and uncle talk about it a lot. We think it exists but Valve is like Rockstar, perfectionists and secretive up until a certain point in time. My personal opinion is they would be stupid not to make this game due to the fact they are a critical and financial success.

J: That’s a good point. But then again, we have discussed this at length on podcasts in the past. If it’s already good how it was when they last made a title in this franchise, maybe they should just leave it alone. We don’t want Final Fantasy syndrome to happen, where everybody just hates everything because it’s not FF7…

T: That is true but at the same time if they can evolve the series and the genre again then they should put it out. Besides, the story isn’t done yet. Speaking of shooters being dead, DARK got a 40 out of 100 on MetaCritic.

J: Shawn is going to have our PC Review up for DARK this week. I’m not hearing good things.

T: I’m not hearing good things either, I’ll be doing the Xbox 360 Review soon. Ride to Hell: Retribution is a 9 out of 100 on MetaCritic.

J: It had a 2 out of 10 on GameFly. Wait a minute, 9 out of 100!? That’s a 0.9 out of 10. They didn’t send review copies out for that game, these people really must hate it to go rent/buy it and review it so low. GameFly doesn’t even have enough copies in stock to be able to send me one for review, but we should have a review up soon from our contributor Noah who snagged a copy from somewhere.

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