New Halo 4 Playlist “Legendary Slayer” Brings Back Classic Feels

legendary slayer

A new playlist in Halo 4, entitled “Legendary Slayer”, looks to bring back a classic Halo feel. It adds many elements from past Halo games, while still keeping the awesome weapons and sprint ability of Halo 4. Every player starts out with the same weapon, the assault rifle. BR’s and DMR’s are spread around the map for players to pick up. The same goes for power weapons. And the best part? They spawn in the same place every time and are on respawn timers, allowing players to form strategies around controlling weapon spawns. Radar is enabled, and there are no armor abilities or ordinance drops. Keeping sprint in keeps the action fast-paced and furious.

i know that feel

The “Legendary Slayer” playlist is bringing back classic Halo while still keeping the Halo 4 charm. And I for one, absolutely love it. Do yourself a favor. Go play it. Now.

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