MAG Servers Shutting Down Jan 2014: Just 4 Years After the Game Released

MAG Shutting servers down Just 4 Years After Release

Multiplayer Only they said, dedicated servers they said, 256 players they said, it’ll be awesome they said. They say a lot of things these days don’t they? Even though single player capable games like Demon Souls will continue having servers thanks to fan demand it appears multiplayer-only title MAG will have its servers shut off January 2014. This is only 4 years after the game’s original release date exclusively for Sony PlayStation 3 on January 2010.

The 256 player first-person shooter will never be played again once this happens, since the game is a squad-based tactical shooter set for multiplayer only gameplay. Anybody out there still buying the physical copies of the game will certainly feel foolish and robbed, take this as your only warning since it appears developers Zipper Interactive and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment America have no interest in shouting it from the rooftops.

No DRM, and no servers either… which for MAG means no functionality unfortunately. If this can happen to one of Sony’s largest first party investments, what is the fate of barely populated Killzone, Warhawk, and Resistance servers as time goes on? In other news, Socom: Confrontation servers will also be shut down. At least that game has an offline mode, and it’s pretty terrible anyways with nothing more than a cult following. Did we just say that out loud? Oops.

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