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Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2 comes from developer Coffee Stain Studios. They’ve made the original Sanctum back in 2011. The Sanctum series is an FPS tower defense game on ‘roids, where it combines the basics of a normal tower defense with the adrenaline of an FPS. Sanctum 2 takes place on the planet LOEK III, where you are tasked with protecting cores from the alien race. The story that takes place is represented by a series of comic strips throughout the campaign and give a little back story on the fight you’re going to take part in. In the campaign you can either take the story on by yourself or with a total of 4 players in co-op. There is a total of 16 maps to battle across and they come in different environments so adapting is a huge part of this game.

The gameplay for Sanctum 2 is a hybrid tower defense game. During most of the action you are just on an overhead look of the map. In Sanctum 2 you also fight in FPS mode after you put up your towers after each round. This game takes a lot of strategy as the aliens come from different directions and waves continue on. You not only have to adapt how you place your towers but which one’s you are going to use to keep the core safe. As for towers there are a lot of them to choose from: 13 total types of towers that you can choose from, starting with the Base tower which acts as a wall and are cheap and easy to connect to make aliens take a different route across the map.

Some of the other towers which are my favorite include the Cannon tower; which is an all around good tower, the Gatling tower; which is good against soakers and weaker enemies, and the Violator tower; which is good against heavy enemies and does a lot of damage. All of these towers are upgrade-able with points that you obtain from beating waves of enemies and with that comes additional damage. This is necessary if you want to make it to the later levels of the game.

Time to meet the characters you will be able to play as in Sanctum 2; they are: Skye Autumn, Sweet Autumn, Simo (robot), and Haigen Hawkens. All four of these characters have special abilities that make them unique and they also have a unique weapon that they use such as Skye Autumn the squad leader, she uses the assault rifle and she has the ability to double jump.

Sanctum 2 Gameplay

Sweet Autumn is a younger character with some crazy colored hair. She is a grenadier she uses the Rex which is one of my favorite weapons. The Rex shoots out a huge blast but it’s very slow to reload. Her special ability is that she sets her targets on fire. Simo who is a robot is the marksman of the team. He uses the sniper rifle and he deals more weak spot damage for each weak spot that he hits and he has better accuracy.

Haigen Hawkens is a point man who is a pretty laid back character. His primary weapon is the shotgun, and with having that weapon he deals more damage when closer to enemies. He also has more health than any other character. There is also secondary weapons that you can switch up as you go through the campaign. These are the voltaic hand cannon, battle rifle, ETK / Tesla Prototype, and the Sub Mini-gun. There is a total of 13 enemies some of my favorites are the Armored Heavy which is a beast to take down. He has 30,000 health and will ignore you and just attack the core. If you see him attack him first and from the rear.

Some more enemies and their abilities include Brood Mother who can jump kick, Screamer matriarch who has explosive vomit, the soaker who is a bullet sponge, and the walkers which spawn in groups and hit really hard so they can knock your health down. There is also three separate bosses that you will encounter in the game. You have over 20 perks to add to your character, 3 can be added at once but it also comes as you level up in the game. A few of the perks are: adrenaline rush, slowing rounds, and hollow point rounds.

As I pointed to earlier in the review you can play this game solo or play it co-op either with friends on your friends list or join up with people online. The way that Sanctum 2 was designed is that the more people you add to the game the more fun it is since maps are a bit larger. It’s very hard to get to the later waves of this game by playing solo. I see this game to have a very high replay-ability with different towers and changing up your play strategy the different maps refreshing your experience each time you play.

With the addition of the season pass this game is for sure going to be bringing me back as new content is being added to Sanctum 2. Sanctum 2 is one of the best hybrid forms of Tower Defense FPS on the market and with such a competitive price right now during the current Steam sale you can pick this game up for $10.04 and the Season pass for $11.99 giving you a lot of content for an awesome title, and cheap. I would recommend Sanctum 2 if you love tower defense and FPS and want to give something new a spin.

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Overall Score: 9.2/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer: Coffee Stain Studios / Publishers: Coffee Stain Studios / Reverb Publishing / D3 Publisher

Available On: PC / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3

Played On: PC

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