Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Review

The background of this title stems from a much under-appreciated game called Elemental: War of Magic which is a large-scale board game-esque RPG world that is quite intricate but meticulous to play through. Following the games release Fallen Enchantress has given birth to a new version of this experience which is essentially an entirely new game but was given to free for purchasers of the aforementioned Elemental: War of Magic. Playing through the game immediately gives you a sense of feeling the elements of the game which have been formed as revised versions of gameplay mechanics seen in past games from this producer whose dedication to these concepts should be commended. Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is the latest version of the game and is praised highly from Grand Strategy enthusiasts. If you enjoy this complexity-rewarding genre, you may be after this title. Unfortunately, this experience lacks any sort of translation to the rest of the gaming world who will often see the game as a series of menus.

Ancient Lore in game talks of a radiant and glowing world with pure magic everywhere. The three civs used this magic. Titans went against men and men against Titan for many years until the apocalypse started. Overall the convoluted feeling is still left over from the previous iterations of this concept, the story proves to be all over the place, doesn’t even make sense half of the time, and is only meant to serve its purpose as a simple background plot.

Free-roaming RPG gameplay is simulated with turn-based movements. Players can start kingdoms, gain wives, amass an entire army made up of towns, and a lot more. Some may find this system addictive, but similar to games of MMORPG or Roguelike nature this may not be interesting to everyone.

The controls in this game remind me of when the internet had dial-up modems and you had to intensively search through every function of your computer in order to get even the simplest of mechanisms to work. The original Elemental game’s spiritual successor Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes does a great job of getting initial gameplay mechanics to work practically instantly and intuitively; we just wish the same were true for the rest of the game’s many mind-boggling and often dreadfully boring inner-workings.

Characters and enemies are represented in the game world in the graphic style, at first this was limited but in the latest versions of this concept seen in Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes we are happy to see some quite epic enemies taking place on-screen as well as events that will give the game a more grandiose feeling to it. These moments do little to redeem the fact that we will be returning to brutally difficult and tedious gameplay immediately upon completion of these events though.

The look of the game has improved dramatically from past iterations, but the basic problems of this camera angle remain. While the free-roam concept is great, the detailed menu system and inability to really see what is going on at certain key points makes it difficult to immerse yourself in the game.

The developers of Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes need to seriously go back to the drawing board. While they have managed to finally make a much more decent and potentially enjoyable game than Elemental: War of Magic, Fallen Enchantress still has newcomers crying out in agony and repulsed by its tedious gameplay. This game gets a 5.9 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz and is only the type of game you want if you’re a cult fan.

Overall Score: 5.9 / 10

Available On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital voucher for this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for purposes of this review.

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