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Title: Battlefield 4 / Developer: DICE / Publisher: EA Games


Battlefield 4 is brought to us by DICE, the people in charge of making Battlefield what it is today. Battlefield 4 is running Frostbite Engine 3.0 and coming to current and next-gen consoles as well as Windows PC via EA’s Origin platform. Since 2002 the Battlefield series has been changing the way that gamers look at the battlefield by changing up the gameplay and revolutionizing the genre. In Battlefield 4 the user will be playing as Sergeant Daniel Recker who is a member of Tombstone Squad, an elite group of soldiers.

The main conflict taking place in BF4 revolves around the country of China where protestors often meet a brutal response from their communist government and the CIA has infiltrated the Shanghai Opium Gang that is said to run the government there, or in the game known as Admiral Chang’s regime. Admiral Chang has cancelled any form of democratic / republic goings-on in the region of China in and replaced it with complete martial law. Things really amp up when your team hits Singapore to find a scene of destruction as China has destroyed the USS Titan and smoked everybody in its crew. What ensues next can be described as the greatest military struggle of all time between the world’s two largest superpowers.

Detailed Features Breakdown:

Battlefield 4 has a slew of features heading its way; some old and some are brand new to the franchise. Levolution is going to be one of the biggest game changing experiences in Battelfield 4. These can be very small things like lowering gates to fortify your position in a building, shooting parts of buildings down to use them to your advantage in battle, as well as car alarms and metal detectors which can throw off a sneaky attack from being commenced on you. The environment can now be used to gain a tactical advantage either by disorientating your opponents with items in the map or even stuff like shooting the lights out to gain an advantage in the dark over them. One of the next features of this is the ambient change in the maps which can alter how the map looks from bringing a sunny island to a tropical storm as the match continues really changing up the way combat is handled in that match.

The last part of Levolution is that the player can trigger massive events that can shift the battle. Some of these large events that have been shown are the skyscraper in Shanghai being blown up, flooding maps and then using boats to battle on the map, and even a massive destroyer crashing into land. Commander Mode is returning to the battlefield once again bringing the ability for a player to help out their squad move the tide of a match by using war assets to aid in battle. Players can join as a commander once they have leveled to rank 10 and this is first come first serve, if your commander’s tactics aren’t holding up very well your squad can vote for mutiny and commanders can lose their position for a new one to be assigned.

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Spectator Mode is also returning to Battlefield 4 with all new ways to interact with the game from four viewing angles: third person, first person, tabletop, and free-cam view (which can all be switched on the fly). Spectator mode will be great for competitive gaming coming into play more and great for movie making as well. Battlelog has been completely overhauled with a slew of whole new features such as being able to use any tablet or mobile phone to use as an in-game mini-map, switch loadouts, and also mark points in-game that are shown real-time.

Customization is a huge part of the Battlefield experience and is even greater in Battlefield 4 with more options than ever before for all the weapons and accessories out there. For just one weapon there is over 240,000 variations that can be constructed with everything from optics, camo, and more. New types of scopes are being added to the game including the 40x scope for sniping extreme long distances and the ability to zero your rifle so that the user can get that perfect shot. There is also a huge amount of camouflage to choose from including Desert, Autumn, Naval, Urban, Woodland, and Snow, each of these also come in 16 different patterns. A new addition to the camo is a new type of camo called adaptive camo and this will blend the player into the surroundings so that they can blend better with each environment. Battlepacks are new content that can be earned and use in-game. The battlepacks will contain everything from accessories for the user’s weapons to XP boosts, they will be awarded through the progression of multiplayer and come in three flavors; bronze, silver, and gold with some also containing rare items in them as well.

Maps / Gameplay Modes:

Battlefield 4 will ship with 10 maps and they are Siege of Shanghai, Paracel Storm, Zavod 311, Lancang Dam, Flood Zone, Rogue Transmission, Hainan Resort, Dawnbreaker, Operation Locker, and Golmud Railway. These are the launch maps and more of them will be launching with Battlefield Premium down the road. The following are the game types for Battlefield 4: Conquest which is all out warfare with a mixture of infantry and vehicle warfare, Domination which is a faster paced version of Conquest that is infantry only, Obliteration which is a mad dash on foot and vehicles to deliver explosives, Defuse which is competitive close quarters combat, Team Deathmatch which is a classic shooter mode done with a Battlefield 4 style, Rush which is fighting into enemy territory by detonating their M-COM stations, and Squad Deathmatch which consists of four squads fighting on the ground with a limited number of vehicles and is essentially a race to see who is the best on the scoreboard.

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Frames Per Second: 60fps on Next Gen

Engine: Frostbite 3.0

Platforms: PC, Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE), Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4)

Additional Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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