RGN Daily News #31: Sony E3 2013 Full WrapUp

As the RealGamerNewz E3 2013 coverage continues, check out our PlayStation E3 2013 Press Conference Full WrapUp. I’m joined by Tristan’s Twisted World, Garet, and Yoda as we cover the PlayStation Vita, PSN, PS3, and of course heavily anticipated PS4 news on the site and give our reactions to every single detail of the event. If you missed the show this is the one stop shop for in and out info, find out everything here:


If you want more, check out our Full Summary and Details / Notes of Sony’s E3 2013 Below (more info in each individual post as we get everything up):

E3 2013: Sony PS4 Press Conference Full WrapUp:

-PlayStation Vita
2nd year in the Market
125 Vita Games
650 Games on PSP , PS1, PS Mobile, Vita all together
“beginning of life cycle”
average vita owner purchases 10+ games a year
60% are digital PSN Store Sales

2013 Vita
Indie and 3rd party
85 titles
end of this year
Batman Arkham Origins Mobile Version
Destiny of Spirits
Okey Doke Universe
Killzone Mercenary

HD Remasters Coming Soon:
God of War HD 1 & 2
Final Fantasy X & X-2

Dead Nation

Bundle of The Walking Dead to Vita with 400 days and complete series
The Walking Dead will also be on PSN

Vita Remote Play Feature for PS4
will bring more games



Top 2013 PS3 Titles Shown:

The Last of Us – Friday June 14, 2013
Rain – 2013 Fall
Beyond: Two Souls – cinematic action adventure game with stealth
elements featuring Hollywood talent such as Ellen Page
and Willam Defoe

Gran Turismo 6 from Polyphony Digital “The Real Driving Simulator”
-new physics engine
-new tire models
-new aerodynamics models
-adoptive tesselation
-a new rendering engine

“Not too shabby for a platform in it’s 7th year huh?” – Jack Tretton

3rd party PS3 Games Shown:

Batman: Arkham Origins – Fall 2013
::Exclusive PS3 DLC::
– knight fall downloadable content
– 1950s tv show batman skin

Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 3
Exclusive Bundle 299$ September 27, 2013
GTA V Pulse Elite Headset
– w exclusive GTA Soundscape
– Ultimate GTA V Experience only on PlayStation 3
– More PlayStation Only GTA V Info Coming Soon

300 Titles Launching for PS3 2013 Including all PS3 titles shown



“Building worlds without boundaries” – Jack Tretton

Andrew House President and Group CEO Sony Computer Ent Inc.

“new experiences, greater social integration, cloud based technology”

“system architecture capable of handling the most intricate ideas game designers can dream”

“PS4 Allows game players to feel the emotions
of game characters just by looking at their eyes” – Shu Yoshida

“Most Open and Inclusive Platform for developers”



Unique access to exclusive PSN PS4 TV Content
tailored and selected specifically for what gamers want and love
Sony Pictures will have exclusive TV Content with gamers in mind
More details in the near future



Music Unlimited
Video Unlimited
Netflix – #1 in the world for netflix
Redbox instant by Verizon – ps3 ps vita ps4
pay per view events
live events viewer – best live sporting music and entertainment events
– live or on demand
– movies app



President Worldwide Studios
Sony Computer Entertainment
Shu Yoshida

Designed with Social Media in Mind
over 40 ps4 titles
20 in the first year of launch
12 brand new IPs

PS4 Games Shown:

The Order 1888 [PS4 Exclusive New IP]
“the wall dividing life and death it is so thin
its protectors are so few
but for its few such terrible strength do we posess”
(looks like more than just a zombie game)

Q1 2014 Releases:
Killzone Shadow Fall [PS4 Exclusive]

Drive Club [PS4 Exclusive New IP]

inFamous: Second Son [PS4 Exclusive]
– improved story
– better more believable characters
– essentially a reboot of inFamous

Knack [PS4 Exclusive New IP]

12 minute Quantic Dream tech demo for PS4
shown to debut a new game??
“The Dark Sorcerer”
(To Be Continued)

Third Party PS4 Titles
The Witness by Jonathan Blow (Creator of Braid)

(Creators of Bastion) Super Giant Games presents….
Transistor [PS4 New IP] – Early 2014
– many types of retro gameplay including sidescrolling
and isometric

Indie Developers can Self-Publish Games on PS4 / PSN

Indie Devs: “Welcome to the Family”

(Creators of Shank) Clay Entertainment presents….
Don’t Starve [PS4 Exclusive New IP]

Mercenary Kings – hand drawn multiplayer shooter

(Young Horses) Octo Gag Deadliset Catch [PS4 Exclusive New IP]
(Switchblade Monkies) Secret Ponchos [PS4 Exclusive New IP]
(RagTag Studios) —Ray’s Dead [PS4 Exclusive New IP]
-stealth action puzzler with a zombie army raising quests to find out why they were killed
Outlast [PS4 Exclusive New IP]
-first person frightfest
(Oddworld Inhabitants) Full Remake Oddworld New and Tasty [PS4 Exclusive]
17 bit games (skulls of the shogun makers) [PS4 Exclusive New IP]
-called Galaxy sidescrolling open world space shooter

Blizzard Entertainment bringing Diablo III to PS3 and PS4 Console Exclusives
– exclusive items: drake’s amulet from uncharted, journey shoulder braces
– more playstation exclusive items from blizzard in the future

Square Enix Updates Coming Soon – Final Fantasy Versus XIII
– new trailer displayed
– PlayStation 4 Exclusive
– “this fantasy is based on reality” makes sense after seeing gameplay
– game is hyper realistic graphically, gameplay is like nothing ever seen in an RPG
– classic Final Fantasy feel may finally be returned
while Action is also integrated into the formula this time around.
This just might be the Substance-based Modern meets Retro Final Fantasy
we’ve all been waiting for.
-“The Legend Meets Its Match
-but the worlds always changing
-for the fifteenth coming”
-**Final Fantasy XV Logo**

Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts III
– Now in Development

Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn (console exclusive to PlayStation)

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag
– The World of Pirates
– incredible cinematic experience and graphics
– more objects and destruction with ship battles happening right away
– sea gameplay shown
– shown being played on a PlayStation 4

Watch Dogs
– new game dynamics
– most powerful weapon is your smartphone
– an entire city you can hack
– players have to hide and run from police at times using technology as a tool
– shown being played on a PlayStation 4
– An hour of exclusive PS4 Gameplay and exclusive outfit

2K Sports brings out Lebron James
and Video Game James
-You can’t tell the difference between the real thing and the video game Lebron.
NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 4

The Elder Scrolls Online
– PlayStation 4 : Spring 2013

Mad Max the video game
– Warner Bros and Avalanche
– Exclusive Road Warrior Survival Kit only on PlayStation



140 Games for development on PS4
including over 100 releasing in the first year
40 titles have exclusive features

PS4 Blu Ray Discs Supports Used Games
– trade in
– sell to another person
– lend it to a friend
– or keep it forever
– No Always Connected Online
– No Mandatory Authentication

PSN Capabilities day one on PS4
– download games in background
– cross game chat
– real world friends network
– share button upload, livestream Ustream

PlayStation Plus
– carries over from PS3 to PS4
– all the same features in PS+
– but multiplayer online for PS4 requires PS+

Instant Game Collection
– DriveClub PS Plus Edition
– a new title every month for free: dont starve, outlast, secret ponchoes

– Best played on PlayStation
– World Gameplay Premiere at PS4 Stage
– live co op gameplay shown playing on PlayStation 4
– will have exclusive content


PS4 Cloud Streaming Games

Launching in 2014 in US first
-on PlayStation 4 , PS3, and then Vita
-Instant Demo streamed by Cloud

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