RealGamerNewz Podcast: A New Golden Age of Gaming IS Here

I host another RealGamerNewz Podcast in which we discuss the New Golden Age of Gaming and why and how it’s here. PlayStation and Xbox are about to take gaming to a whole new level and leave behind their old ways for a much more classy and artistic generation. Business is business, but Microsoft and Sony both put those things to the side this week at E3 2013 where Sony PS4 and MS XO were shown alongside many games including a larger amount of exclusives and New IPs than anticipated. Both gaming giants are looking good with outstanding, strong, and impressive presentations that have proven the lasting power of the International Video Game Industry is here to stay.


RealGamerNewz Podcast: A New Golden Age of Gaming IS Here

– Gaming: Back To The Good Old Days

– There Was Once A Time Of Nearly 100% Exclusives

– Xbox ONE Specs and PlayStation 4 Specs Are Nearly Identical

– Competition Is Now Purely Who Has What Game

– Trips Down Memory Lane

– Why and How The Golden Age of Gaming Is Back

– PlayStation 4 Network 2.0 Instant Demos Stream Off Cloud

– Xbox ONE Upload Studio – Game DVR

– Why Exclusives Are Good For Gaming

– E3 2013 Is All About Games, Good Sign Of Things To Come

– Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 Showered In New IPs and Third Party Exclusive Love

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