Tristans Twisted World: 10 Games the industry needs

Everyone knows that now a days games are starting to get a little the same. Not all games are this way but there are some games we need to see.

Elder Scrolls: Age of the Ayleids was a game that was supposed to be the fifth game but instead we got Skyrim which is a good game but this game sounded way better. The next game in the Elder Scrolls series takes place not after Oblivion, but several thousand years before the events of Oblivion and the other games in the series.  Age of the Ayleids takes place during the revolt against the Ayleids.  You, the player, are a prisoner captured by the Ayleids.  You start in an Ayleid style cell (think the Ayleid ruins but without the decay of time in the stones) when the rebels attack the prison.  You are set free by Pelinal Whitestrake.  After that, you do missions for the rebellion.  However, according to Bethesda, you will be able to play as an Ayleid and take their side.  Bethesda has also noted that this game will support large battles. It was the ideal path but for some reason it did not come out. Maybe there waiting for next gen or simply got rid of it.

Sonic Adventure 3 would follow the footsteps in the Adventure series which previous two titles were  critically acclaimed. Sonic games have either soon a few good games are not so very good games since Sonic Adventure 2. Maybe one day we can see Adventure 3 maybe.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 which recently had leaked footage has been a game people having been wanting for years. We don’t know what will become of this game now that Lucasarts has been disbanded only time will tell.

Hopefully on next gen we will finally get out of the long Kingdom Hearts 2 era and go into a fresh new Kingdom Hearts 3. We know this game is coming but the question is when, I would like to know since most of the games are really good. We will have to see if next gen allows them to finally bring it to the table.

Final Fantasy 14 Versus was announced way back in I believe oh 2006. We have hearing things about it but since FF 10-2 some of the fans have been wondering what will become of a series with high points like FF 7, FF 10, and the original game among many more in there as well. Maybe this one will finally allow people to get back into the old roots of the series.

A third Red Dead title is what people want, even I want it. Despite the fact GTA 5 is coming out this year people still want there western rampage game. We know one day it will come I’m thinking maybe 2016 somewhere around there.

We may never see a new Fallout title due to a nasty lawsuit going on over at Bethesda. But if this game ever comes out (which I honestly think it will just maybe not Bethesda published) it would re knew a series that needs it. New Vegas was good but no where nearly as good as Fallout 3.

A brand new IP that will come in and be one of gaming’s finest. Dishonored is a really good example of mixing old and new things and making a amazing game. We need new IPs that will replace some of the series that are getting worse and are not quality titles.

Yes we recently got Halo 4 which was my 2012 game of the year but Halo 5 will help if they do it how I have been hearing. I have been hearing some very interesting things towards the next Halo game. Factors such as they will redefine the series and help redefine the FPS genre again. With Halo 4 they set out to make another Halo game but now I’ve heard they want to make the best game yet.

Respawn Entertainments new game is also supposed to redefine the FPS genre. Destiny is claiming it can do this as well. Either way waiting for the game that came from the makers of COD 4 will be on most peoples list.

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