Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Brings Forbidden Worlds DLC Trailer and Release Date

On June 5th 2013 Stardock, will be bringing the first batch of DLC to Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion “Forbidden Worlds”. The new content will come packaged with new planet types, new specialization, technology, and planetary bonuses and it also comes with new Steam achievements all for the low price of $4.99.

The synopsis of the new DLC is that the war between the rebels and the loyalists within the Advent, TEC, and the Vasari continues through the deep depths of Trader Space. Yet, This sector of the galaxy have far more worlds and history than any of the factions are aware. The need to survive forces each to expand into the great unknown, also discovering worlds of wealth, hazard, risk, and mystery.

The following is the feature list that can be found in the new DLC:

  • Four new planet types to colonize and exploit (Barren, Ferrus, Greenhouse, Oceanic), each created with beautiful high-res textures.
  • New Planet Specialization System: Dedicate your worlds to either social or industrial output. Devoting your planet to social improvements will increase its population and culture, at the cost of trade income and ship production. Choosing an industrial path will limit your growth and culture, but make your planet a trading and ship building powerhouse.
  • 15 new research subjects allow the races to conquer and expand onto the forbidden worlds.
  • Discover 40 new planet bonuses during your exploration of the galaxy, unlocking the dark past of the Sins’ universe.
  • Unlock five new Steam Achievements and display your mastery of forbidden space!

You can pick up the Forbidden Worlds DLC directly from Stardock, as well as on Steam, Gamestop, GamersGate, and Gamefly.

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