My Humble Opinion On Next Gen Gaming Consoles

It has been nine years give or take since Microsoft unveiled their home console Xbox 360 and the next year after the Xbox’s release Sony revealed their home console the PS3 and of course Wii coming out on November 19, 2006. All console’s are Unique in their own way and each company has  their fair share of hits and misses. For example each console had a strategy to pull people into buying their console; the Xbox had revolutionary new graphics and was more affordable than PS3, Wii was a mind-blowing invention that intrigued the minds of movement in games, and the PS3 is a little more graphically powerful than the Xbox 360 and also has free online gaming.

All that however was in the past and now we are nearing the new console race that will spark new media and even a newcomer  as it would seem valve is making their own home console dubbed “The Steam-box”. There are a lot of exciting things going on this year and i just wanted to give my opinions on the Wii U, Xbox Infinity or Xbox 720 (Name not official), PS4, and steam-box.

First off we have the Wii U, Nintendo’s successor  to the Nintendo Wii. The Selling point for this console is Two main factors: The new ipad based game tablet, and the reboots and sequel’s to classic Nintendo games such as  Pikmin 3. I do not relativity play Nintendo games, which is to say i have not played one since the Wii came out back in 2006 not because it is a bad system to say, but because most of games are remakes  games that are different but yet they feel the same.

Nintendo has always been a quality gaming company for all ages and has always relied more on making  fun and creative ways to play, rather than a deep story or a rich multiplayer experience. Wii U is starting to compete graphically now,but, and i say “but” because yes the Wii U can play games like Batman: Arkham Asylum now “but” also that was a game from the last console race and now the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 already have slightly improved graphics meaning once again, the Wii U falls short.

Microsoft’s  Xbox 720 will be using AMD CPU and graphics hardware like Sony’s PS4, however, the PlayStation’s specs are a bit more impressive. The Xbox 720 will also be sporting Blu-ray and it is almost certain to be included as the main optical drive for the Xbox 720. However, it’s slower to load files into system memory than a DVD disc, so expect to install more games to your hard-drive.

I personally feel that the Xbox is becoming more than just a gaming system with all of these apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix and from the look of it, it’s only going to expand from here on out. In all Microsoft’s new console doesn’t bring a whole lot to the console race but what i did find interesting is that the new Xbox will allegedly have a Xbox Mini – a small, Apple TV-like device based on Windows 8, with the ability to stream Xbox 360 games from the cloud.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is looking a lot more impressive than its PS3 counterpart. Almost everything about the PlayStation is new and improved such as an Xbox looking controller, New Dashboard, the system runs on a single-chip custom processor and utilizes eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores, with a next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine powering it, and the PS4 will ship packing 8GB of GDDR5 memory which should enable lightning fast connections.

Also apparently when in multiplayer standby of split screen, when two or more players go at it, if a gamer gets up and moves right or left, his section of the screen will automatically be swapped, which is a neat little feature they are trying to incorporate. From what i have heard about the PS4 and the things it can do i am rather impressed with it and hopefully they stick to it all.

Last and unsuspectingly we have The Steam box. Not a lot is known about the Steam Box but rumors have surfaced that they will be making 3 different types each one costing more than the last with increasing storage and graphical power. Price points range from $499 for the base unit to $999 for the top end, presumably comparable with a similarly priced PC in graphics. Will this new “console” be a new and permanent rival for the other companies or will this just be a failed attempt to make a console? Only time will tell, but i like what they doing  and i can’t wait to see the final product unveil.

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