Xbox ONE (Microsoft XO) Controller Specs

The XO controller specs have been revealed to what it can fully do. It does pretty much the same exact thing which is not a bad thing. But it has gone under a huge redesign as we can tell. It seems it will be much easier to grip and may be slightly larger than before. There will be little to no lag between the controller and the Xbox One itself. The controller will also be fitted with a light at the top similar to how the DualShock 4 is which will aid the Kinect in tracking of where your controller is in the world at all times (for games that will use augmented reality and player tracking).

The controller also has a picture-in-picture style button in place of where the select button used to be. It is widely expected that this button will be used to transfer between Skype Calls, Television Shows, Music, and Gameplay in your picture-in-picture Xbox One display system since you can now chat or watch tv while playing video games with a video box at the top right of the screen. There is also what appears to be a Share button similar to what was announced for DualShock 4.

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