Microsoft: Redundanacy, Isolation, and Confusion

Microsoft…what on earth were you thinking? The past few days that is all I have had on my mind since the “big” unveiling of the Xbox One and boy was it big; a big letdown that is. I feel inclined to say that let-down is somewhat of an understatement because this unveiling could not have gone worse than it did. Microsoft already has a history of not giving a damn about their consumers or their opinions but regardless they do what they want figuring they can ultimately get away with it. Well let me be about the thousandth person to say this; Microsoft you messed up, and the people opinion’s show for it.

I know company’s mess up sometimes but Microsoft decided to just shovel all the bad news at us all at once. First off let me just say how redundant the whole premise of the Xbox One is and hopefully you already know why. All throughout the Unveiling I heard the word “TV” uttered so many times I swear this was the unveiling of the first ever black and white television and not a gaming console. Microsoft what do think those big black things that we connect are consoles to are? Do you think they are just their because they would look nice to your 500$ console or do you think they have a purpose. Oh wait! I remember they’re their to watch TV. Why on earth are you trying to show TV as your big selling point when in order to even use your console we have to own a TV and at that my TV can operate much faster and efficient than an Xbox can(Unless the Xbox can give me over 1000 channels and download and record movies in HD then it is inferior ). I didn’t go out all those years ago to buy an Xbox 360 because i wanted to watch television, I bought it because I wanted the updated graphics, the online gaming, and the competitive multiplayer. You need to re-evaluate with your demographic again because I honestly think you don’t know who you are selling to any more.

What advantage does owning a home console have over owning a gaming PC? Well nothing, other than a cheaper price. Believe it or not, not everyone has access to the internet and only want games for the single player (shocking right?). So when I heard that the Xbox One NEEDS constant internet access to even operate I immediately knew that they would be isolating a portion of their sales. So lets say you don’t have internet and don’t care about multiplayer; well tough, you don’t get an Xbox One. But lets take the fact that you do have internet (YAY… you can buy an Xbox One) into consideration. You’re sitting at home you have no games to play so you borrow one from a friend  you put the disc in, wait for it to load and….60.00 please. Oh you thought you were about to play this game for free ha-ha no. If you want to play a game that you haven’t registered on your Xbox One then you are not authorized to play it and you are required to pay a fee. Do I really even need to discuss what is wrong here? If they incorporate that system into the Xbox One, Rental stores, Gamestop and anywhere else that carries (or should I say carried) used games is taking a hit. People do not like spending full price for every single game they buy, and this is the kind of thing that is just going to make people go buy a PC or move over to PS4 assuming they don’t pull this as well. Oh yeah and one more thing that was already a given but let me just add another thing to the list, backwards compatibility is a no go.

Let’s steer away from the console itself a moment and talk about the games they unveiled. They unveiled and show-cased so few games that honestly they might as well of just not shown any. In addition they spent a considerable amount of time talking about Call of Duty and its ever so amazing new features such as the Nicer looking arms, nicer looking dogs, and thank god for the amazing mechanic where if you swim near a fish they swim away (because that never been done before, oh wait it has since Super Nintendo). So yeah if you were hoping for realistic arm hair,dogs, and you’re claustrophobic of fish then you’re in luck. Sony in terms of exclusives defiantly gets my vote because they did what they know their gamers want to hear about, games. Microsoft had better release the best damn games the world has ever seen at E3 because if not there is no hope for the Xbox One.

If you’re into movies and want an all in one entertainment package, then yeah Microsoft hit it dead on. But a large portion of people don’t want an Xbox One for that. I honestly feel if Microsoft doesn’t change some of their policies then that console is going to flop just like the dreamcast did.

And everything they showed at the xbox Reveal was neat but also it was incredibly Redundant. It’s neat you can say commands a your xbox to make it do things for you but then again that is what a controller is for.

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