Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) Big Brother Software Is Real-

Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) Big Brother Software Is Real-

-but it should be the least of your privacy worries in this modern day and age. Allow me to explain, many gaming websites and rumor mills have been reporting that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox, dubbed the “Xbox ONE” or “XO” for short, will use its mandatory Kinect 2 support to essentially spy on everyone in America using a system called “Awards and Achievements Across the TV Ecosystem”.

The Huffington Post is among many of the major news outlets outside of the gaming journalism bubble that have decided to report on this massive story. In their article about the matter they discuss the mass realization as well as several patents filed by Microsoft through which the information collected by the next-generation Kinect would be readily available to advertisers and even change the face of television commercials as we know them making them interactive for the first time.

Our own reports have also dug up information regarding the Xbox 360 and its existing Kinect peripheral as well as Xbox Live chat/voice/video communications that were thought to be completely isolated and private actually being available to organizations within the United States Government under Microsoft’s policy of 100% transparency with the US Gov. And while we could go on for days about the implications of this (for example: your activity may be monitored even if you opt-out or disable/power down your machine providing the potential for huge privacy violations), there’s a reason why this is not groundbreaking news to those who are more familiar with the new age of information technology.

Many of you may not be aware of this, but the FBI has recently put in a bid for the United States of America to require wiretapping on all electronic devices. As it stands today there is no need for a warrant or authoritative figure to prove much before getting their hands on the green-light to spy on you manually. Meanwhile, automated bots patrol virtually every internet website, intra-network (3G, Wifi, etc.), and often obtains the type of “personal” electronic information people expect to be private by cooperating with services like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and even Google or taking it by force through court order like what is happening to Comcast after refusing to give up the personal information and data-streams of 3 months or more activity to all of their Cable Internet users.

It should also be known that Windows PC, Android and iOS mobile devices, and many other devices such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are capable of being easily hacked by even amatuer voyeurs of much less skill than “Big Brother” which is causing fear of would-be XO (Xbox ONE) owners. Even if your phone isn’t engaged in a telephone or video call your text, voice, and visual communications can still be tapped into quite easily.

The combination of ever-increasing government encroachment on the online communication sector paired with the surprisingly easy-to-hack systems these communication systems are relying on means that there should have been no reasonable expectation for privacy online long before the reveal of the Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE). It’s shocking it took people this long to realize “Big Brother” had a grip on their electronics, but it’s beyond too late to do anything about it now other than accept it or boycott all electronics not just pick and choose which ones you think are susceptible to Government wiretapping because the fact is they all are.

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