Fallout 4 Features Customizable Power Suits, Base Building, Enhanced Parts System

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Every item in Fallout 4’s massive world can be broken down into a series of parts. These parts can then be used to build other complex structures. Recycling is now possible for every single item in the game. In addition to this, players can take apart buildings and settlements to create their own, establish trade routes between these areas, and even decorate them after building them with objects or inhabitants.

Fallout 4 also features Customizable Power Suits with a large degree of parts listed for each body part. This paired with the fact that PC mods will come to the Xbox ONE and PS4 versions of the game at some point (Bethesda confirmed, but says this may take some time), giving this game a ton of replay value. Estimates are already out on the single player campaign alone being over 400 hours long.

Fallout 4 Customizable Power Suit

For many years, Bethesda has been secretly thinking of ways to improve the Fallout 3 formula without breaking it or losing any of its original magic. Today we’ve seen that the Fallout 4 game is an evolution rather than revolution in many ways. Subtle details adding immersion such as the V.A.T.S. system being slow motion now instead of completely stopped motion really make a big difference in helping smooth some of the edges. Other examples like this exist throughout the gameplay.

Fans worldwide are excited to try out a new environment, Boston,  Massachusetts in which the revolutionary war was fought and RealGamerNewZ.com was founded, not to mention it’s where Fallout 4 will now take place when it launches November 10, 2015. for PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC. With 50+ base gun categories and over 700+ modifiers for them to choose from, making unique weapons will also be a serious endeavor for gamers this Fall 2015.

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