Upgrade Your PlayStation 4 Hard Drive to 1TB, Double the Storage, for $49.99

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If you have a 500GB PS4 and you play a lot of games, chances are by now you’ve probably filled up all that the storage space provided in a stock PS4 hard drive is going to give you once or twice more. Some of the ways that people have been dealing with this include deleting games bought off of PSN hoping they will still be around to get later, erasing gameplay footage, uninstalling games off of disc, uninstalling unessential gaming apps, and more. Well I’m here to tell you today, that isn’t necessary.

Although this should be considered a temporary fix, band-aid style solution to the problem, and and may not cure the long-term ailment of a larger game-size era (largely attributed to the fact that both consoles now use Blu-Ray and almost all of blockbuster games take full advantage of the massive patching capability offered by PSN and XBL). For those who aren’t on a budget, finding out which model of 2.5TB hard drives fit into the PS4 seems to make a lot more sense, or at least a 1.5TB as the 1TB is only doubling the storage space. At a time when we are about to be flooded with tons of great new games to play, I’m sure that people’s 1TB drives will be filling up even faster than the 500GB drives.

In any event though, this a cheap deal that makes upgrading now, even if just to a temporary 1GB, can be affordable on almost any budget.

Here’s the unit below, but be noted: many people are buying these and installing them on PS4 without any problem. They fit. A hard drive must be below 9.5mm thickness in order to fit in the PlayStation 4 as a replacement drive. But, this hard drive is not endorsed by Sony in any way nor is it tailored for the PS4 specifically through any marketing or branding. Those things don’t really matter much, it’s running at the right speed for a PS4’s heat tolerance / data needs (6.0gb/s 5400RPM) and has an 8MB cache buffer. All perfectly acceptable. Just be aware that they may sell out and become discontinued, and consumers should attempt to evaluate the risk of failure rates themselves through research before buying as this isn’t an item built for the PS4 itself.

RealGamerNewZ makes no claim of responsibility, perform this upgrade at your own risk. Replacing PS4 Hard Drive Does NOT Void PS4 Warranty with Sony.

>> Click the image below to be taken to Amazon.com ‘s listing of 1TB HDD Compatible w/ PS4 for $49.99:

PlayStation 4 1TB Hard Drive Upgrade Cheap

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