The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Official Game Guide Review


The Witcher III is a massive open-world game with loads to do. It may be hard to keep track of all those side quests and treasures hunts, to the point where the game might overwhelm. Luckily Prima Games has you covered with their extensive strategy guide. Is it worth it you may ask. Well, is Nekker ugly as hell?

Taking into consideration that not everyone who picks up a copy of the game will be familiar with the series, the guide goes into great detail introducing newcomers to its lore and characters. There is also huge tutorial section devoted to teaching readers the fundamentals of the game; from combat to concocting potions, it’s all there. Reading these sections will keep you from starting up Witcher III feeling like a complete noob.

Every quest within the game, whether it be the main story quests, side quests or Witcher contracts, are covered in rich detail, with clear pics and accurate descriptions on how to succeed. They don’t just inform on what to do and where to go, but also help you to prepare for certain enemy encounters by informing you of which potions and oils to use. The guide provides extremely helpful tips on fighting the game’s Bosses — whether its members of the wild hunt or whatever monster Geralt sets out to kill, they will help you get out of a bind and emerge victorious.


One of the Witcher III’s earlier missions.

The Witcher III is very story heavy game, so Prima Games were courteous enough to include spoiler alert warnings for each mission. The warnings come in four levels, the higher the level, the bigger the spoiler. It is an extremely considerate move on Prima’s part and one they should be commended for it. There are also multiple endings in the game but they’re not all happy ones. If you are worried about unlocking the bad ending have no fear! The guide will show you how to avoid such heartbreak.

Reading through the Atlas of the Northern Realms chapter of the guide will provide extensive knowledge of the game’s many regions. Featuring detailed maps for each territory, with the locations of each quest, enemies, points of interests and any place worth exploring, players will never have to worry about trying to figure out where to go. This chapter only further adds to how impressive the guide is.


White Orchard Territory

Players will find themselves face down some pretty fierce enemies. Thankfully he guide’s Beastiary offers plenty of information on what they’ll encounter, and also provides combat tactics to help ensure their survival. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a brutal ass kicking, I highly suggest you read the Beastiary.

There really doesn’t seem to be anything missing in this end. It also features stats for every usable item within the game, from weapons and armor, to fruits and vegetables. It’s all there. Want to make sure Geralt gets a chance at love? It’s covered. Want be the best damn Gwent card player ever? The guide lists every single card, its effectiveness and how to locate it. Need to find all the places of power or help unlocking any of the Witcher III’s achievements/trophies, you’re in good hands. It’s.All.There! If this guide is missing coverage on something, I can’t find it.

One little potential issue I have spotted, is with the font size utilized in some sections of the guide. It is a bit smaller than what is normally used. While my vision is fine and I didn’t really have trouble making out what was written down, others might. It may not be a huge deal but it is still worth mentioning. Especially if your eyesight isn’t the best but you don’t wear glasses.

In the back of the guide, is a code for a free copy of the digital version (Normally $9.99). Having the ability to read the guide via your PC or mobile device can offer great convenience.

Collector’s Edition Note: If you pick up the hardcover Collector’s Edition of the guide, you will be treated to an amazing 32-page art section filled with outstanding art of the game’s enemies, characters and environment. There is also a bonus 96-page compendium featuring lore, biographical notes, more art and other interesting bits of information. Those who are really interesting in the world of the Witcher III should pick up the CE, it’s worth the extra bucks.


A section of the Grimoire

Final Verdict:

Despite the occasional dip in font size, Prima Games’ guide for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is outstanding. The coverage is extensively detailed and accurate. The strategies and tactics are actually quite useful and the author’s were highly considerate of their readers. It is pretty obvious a lot of care when into the making of this.  Prima Games simply delivered! Buy it!

Publisher: Prima Games

Authors: David S. J. Hodgson, Loren Gilliland & Alex Musa

Pages: 528

Covers the game on: PS4 | Xbox One | PC

Available at: Gamestop | Amazon

Price(s): $39.99 on sale at Amazon for $35.99

Review Copy Info: A physical copy was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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