Huge Nintendo NX Leaked Footage Fake Circulating, Project Cafe Stream Features Resurrected


As Nintendo NX remains a complete mystery, fakers take advantage of demand for info.

There’s currently a false rumor created, likely just as a prank, showcasing what appears to be a very believable bootleg of a fictional press conference that never happened. The video goes on to stage a number of specs for the Nintendo NX console which was announced recently with no details whatsoever given as to what it is. In fact, we still don’t even know if it’s a console, handheld, some sort of hybrid, or what types of games it will support.

Many of the features shown here were also rumored at one point to be part of the Nintendo Wii U experience back when it was known as “Project Cafe”. It could be possible that the originator of both those rumors and this video are the same person / group of people. Either way, the tornado of the unknown and thin sheet of hype from Nintendo has inspired a seriously interesting fan-made fake reveal trailer. It is unknown if any of this will turn out to be related to what the real Nintendo NX ends up becoming, but there’s a pretty lengthy analysis of it on Business Insider that pretty starkly shows much of it was just completely made up by the creator of the video.


Latest Actual Nintendo NX Info:

Shigeru Miyamoto recently announced he will not be working on games for Nintendo NX and is taking a break from console development, this could suggest that Nintendo NX will eventually indeed be revealed as a dedicated gaming console hardware not a new handheld.

It should also be noted that Reggie of Nintendo has confirmed Nintendo NX is a temporary code-name and will be replaced by a full name with the blanket window of “2016” given for when we’ll learn more about it. It can also be noted that Saturo Iwata of Nintendo claims the NX won’t abandon Wii U / 3DS but rather work as a standalone platform providing support for those platforms while introducing innovations at the same time. Exactly how that will work remains to be seen.

“We’ll talk more about our next system, code named Nintendo NX, more in 2016,” – Reggie Fils-Aime

Faked Fan-Made Concept Reveal:


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