How To Stop the Internet From Spying On You – Opt Out of Online Behavioral Advertising

Recently it has come to the attention of many internet users, and since then grown to become common knowledge in the digital age, that not only is their user preferences and login information being kept up-to-date using Cookies but there is also advertising that is tracking all of your behavior on the internet in order to try and give you advertisements that you are more likely to consume (click on). All for the sake of getting you to click on advertisements more frequently (or so they claim) at least 97 corporations aim to see everything you’re doing on the internet.

They even know you are reading this right now.

The good news is, you can stop them right now.

You can opt out of Online Behavioral Advertising for up to 5 years at a time. Thanks to the regulations from the skeptical industry surrounding these behavior-monitoring programs, you actually have a tool at your disposal which will identify how many and which companies are tracking your web browser at the current time. The following link will bring you to this tool which allows you to Opt Out of Online Behavioral Advertising: CLICK HERE. (Use at your own risk, read caveats below)

The regulators of these behavior-tracking programs claim that opting out of this behavior tracking will not disrupt the services you already use online, however RealGamerNewz makes no assumption that this is being enforced. We have proof that this is going on, but not proof that the Opt Out system will entirely stop the tracking of your behavior on the internet and internet-connected machines.

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