Tristans Twisted World: Sega’s new Alien game misses the launch window for the Wii U, they decline comment

The Wii U version of Alien Colonial Marines has missed the first quarter planned launch window for the game. Gamespot asked Sega if there still even planning to release the game on the console. They responded with “Still no comment on ACM, sorry!”.

Gamespot says this is the third time the publisher has refused a status update and Demiurge, Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software (which put its name on the box for the other console versions), was also unsure last month if the Wii U version was coming out, noting it was Sega’s decision.

In my own thoughts it is most likely dead at this point. The harsh criticism of a highly anticipated game is a big loss and usually ends up with people losing jobs. The Wii U is an amazing console but the fact people do not like this game may make it useless to port it to the console.

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