Best Role Playing Game of the Year 2017 – The Game Awards

Although chronologically the 6th installment of the franchise, this PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 game has brought great pleasure to RPG video game fans worldwide. The Game Awards orchestra came up with an excellent symphony remastering live for the title as well, and it was the most hype song of the entire orchestral set all night.

Persona 5 is the Best Role Playing Game of the Year for 2017. Atlus brought out the title for Japan in September 2016 but actually localized it for other regions worldwide on April 4, 2017. Ever since that date, it’s been a nearly unanimous response of good-will and admiration between thankfulness and the patience fans had to endure to get this game in their hands.

In Europe regions Deep Silver publishes the title while in Japan and North America Atlus and Atlus USA publish respectively. The game is developed in-house by Atlus and is part of the Megami Tensei series which is made famous by titles such as P3P (Persona 3 Portable) in the west after achieving heights of popularity in Japan where the game comes from. Check out some raw, high quality, unedited footage of the game below.

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