Tristans Twisted World: Mass Effect 3 Symbolism in Characters

Now in Mass Effect, we see characters that represent things and I personally felt as if they bring out other forms of representation for each of the characters listed below.

Admiral Anderson- He represents the Paragon throughout the three games in Mass Effect and in the ending represents a father figure and  the idea of destroying the Reapers once and for all. He was portrayed as a father figure throughout whole series but the “I’m proud of you” scene really showed it.

The Illusive Man- He represents Renegade in the games he’s in since he wants to control the Reapers, harness their power, and use it push humanity to the brink of power and the apex race on the galaxy and beyond. He stands as a symbol for control of people as he thinks he is doing the right thing but in reality, is not.

Saren- He represents Renegade, as he wants to either bow down to the reapers or become a union of flesh and steel, a vision of the future. He also thinks he’s doing the right thing by becoming what he believed as being  a perfect being. Saren believed it to be a vision of what’s to come, but was wrong.

The Catalyst- A highly advanced AI that embody the collective intelligence of all Reapers represents a misguided and backwards logic. It thinks it’s acting fair and doing the right thing. While it thinks of it self as Paragon, it’s simply not, and believes to have a much deeper meaning into its character.

The Reapers- They act on what their programmed to do, but seem to have some free will. As Harbinger acted sinister and was more direct with its  intervention. Sovereign seemed to disregard all organic life seeing it as flawed while it saw Reapers as the apex of all life. Their motives are simply, to harvest all life in the galaxy as apart of a test to find the ultimate solution to bring peace….But when they say peace, I think the other thing.

Legion and the Geth- He represents a misunderstood race of machines that wanted to choose their own fate. They let the creators leave and are non hostile to organics except for the ones that were brainwashed by the Reapers to serve their needs as they saw fit. Legion can sacrifice itself to give its people true intelligence which will make the Geth a free machine race that choose to fight the Reapers. But what does he mean by free? Will the Geth really be non hostile or will they become more organic in their programming.

Leviathan- The apex race as it refers to itself. They created the Catalyst and despite what the other races saw and experienced, it betrayed them. Their stand in things is iffy, as they represent a supreme dictator type race that wants to control everyone in their thrall when needed.

Mordin- He is a scientist that worked his whole life destroying the natural order of things which would make him seem Renegade, but in reality more of a middle ground. For, he tries to set things right if he is allowed to and in doing so, saves an entire race and undoes his mistake. But what does this mean for other scientist that have made mistakes?


Commander Shepard- Is either a Paragon or Renegade or even middle ground character but that dose not change the facts that he does want to destroy the Reapers either way, but it appears to not be that simple. He seems to appear like Atlas, a hero that has the weight of the world on his shoulders and just can not seem to take it, but gives his all to win at whatever the cost unless your more Renegade and power hungry.

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