Tristans Twisted World: Mass Effect 3 Refusal Ending

Mass Effect 3 Refusal in a little bit of depth as it seems to look like the I will never fall in line with the Reapers ending even though you can destroy them. The idea is that there might be a chance you can win without the crucible being a galaxy changer but from what I have seen you always lose. No matter how much EMS or readiness you can get the Reapers just seem to be to much for the united force of an entire galaxy. The Catalyst also seems to be distressed when Shepard refuses and says “SO BE IT!” in a Reaper tone. More than likely its because it controls the Reapers so to speak as it says it guides them but there still AI just like it. The next cycle finds Liara’s time capuslue  and uses it to defeat the Reapers in a unknown way. The future of the galaxy is very unclear but it represents the chance for Bioware to start fresh with a new galactic force.

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