Watch Dogs Gameplay Details + Story Element

So far what we know about Watch Dogs has virtually all been seen in two demonstrations for this year’s PlayStation Meeting 2013 event and so now more clips of the game come. Sony did its unveiling of the PlayStation 4 and Ubisoft was there in support with talk of Watch Dogs to release for the platform.

While some people expected more from the title I understand the fact that there is just not  much to be known about Watch Dogs right away. This is the standard type of tease reveal we expect from a major triple A title game that was just revealed. But trying to find out what the game’s all about when they interview Jonathan Morin, the creative director of the game which the same individual who did the PS4 event, one of the many things that was talked about is what you’re really dealing with as you go along in the game and the story line here is just some of what you will come across.

Their explanation is you have the Central Operating system, CTOS. This game is set in Chicago you deal with corruption, wealth, poverty, and the most violence you can think of.  And being watched over by networks that track you in every possible way you can think of so one word in a nut shell “Surveillance” but if you can take all of that power and your able to use it to your own liking in way you never thought of now you have control in every possible way you can think of. Think of  it this way for example you can hack everything and anything cut cell phones off to stopping heavy equipment like trains by hacking just a little of the things I mentioned and making them useless.

The world is all keeping track of us in the universe of Watch Dogs by Ubisoft for PlayStation 4 and other platforms.

You have total  control with your figure tips. Another thing that also stands out about this are that what you do in the game will reflect your actions by your character and will not be criticized in any way. If you want to play the good guys, or the bad guys, it’s cool. The game also gives you the option to play as the bad guys as well.

What also is so appealing about this game is the way you can explore the whole city of Chicago from its historical parts of Chicago to the back ally’s underground players can also explore other areas such as buildings you can even go as far as invading some ones privacy just imagine the endless possibilities in this game.

This game will be released this year PS3, XBOX 360, Wii U, and also on PC and available for “next generation platforms” (*hint, hint* Xbox 720?), including PlayStation 4.

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