Leaked Black Ops III Jugger-nog Edition Includes Mini Fridge, Season Pass, Bonus Zombie Map, Perk-A-Cola Cup Holders, and More

Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition

A Collector’s Edition like no other, The Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Jugger-nog Edition will feature its own specialized weapon packs including new camo and cyborg additions, a bonus zombie map called “The Giant”, a fully working mini fridge, modeled after the in-game Jugger-nog machine complete with light and sounds from the game, and holding 12 cans of your favorite beverage, the Black Ops III Season Pass, and the Official Game Soundtrack.

As for where this info all comes from, this leak was initially generated from a rumor online started by the professional Call of Duty eSports Clan OpTic Gaming and GameInformer took things a step further claiming to have verified this information first-hand with their own trustworthy sources regarding Call of Duty material one would assume. Many other publications such as GamesRadar are also reporting on this, and although that doesn’t necessarily give more credibility to the leak – it appears to be a logical offering for Call of Duty collectors who were planning on getting the Season Pass anyways.

The Season Pass being included in this as well as the extra personalization packs are also increasing the price a huge amount, but needed to be in there since collectors want a one quick purchase option. The mini-fridge is a bit smaller than some people will like, but I think this is by design to make it a more attractive collectible and art piece and less of an engineering project. Keep it close to your gaming chair and it should do great at keeping the game drinks cold.

The Bonus Zombies Map, Perk-A-Cola Cup Holders, and Mini Fridge are likely going to be a real draw for those who want to pick up this package. Black Ops III will have its Zombies mode revealed in full this week, and are expected to reveal this Jugger-nog Edition with more official details and confirmations at San Diego Comic Con. Anticipation for the game is high as fans of the series from different points of view seem to all be converging on Treyarch knowing that the past few COD games haven’t had as much time in the oven as Black Ops III.

Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition

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