Indie Title Anodyne for Free or Donation of Your Choice on Promo Bay

The Promo Bay has put up a plea from developers of indie video game title Anodyne (Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows)  in which they offer the game for free or a donation of your choice. They simply ask that if you can spare $1 you can play the game. Immense word of mouth advertising on the radical side is taking place.

The pros reads:

“Hi, we’re Jon Kittaka and Sean Hogan

We’d like to make a living by making games that will give people memorable experiences, but we know not everyone can afford them. So that’s why you can download a torrent of our game, Anodyne, and if you’d like and are able, also purchase the game!

We’re also on Greenlight, trying to get onto Steam. So please consider giving us your vote!

-Sean and Jon”

The letter comes attached to two screenshots better seen by clicking here to enlarge. You can reach the game here.

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