New Mega Ran Video Ft D&D Sluggers Uses New & Crazy / Innovative Old School Gameplay

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DJ 2Thirteen has done it again with Boston footage featured in the latest video from artist Mega Ran’s single “Infinite Lives” featuring D&D Sluggers off Mega Ran’s upcoming album RNDM. Benjamin Sutherland has also added a lot to this collaboration in terms of some really high quality, wild gameplay that gives life to Mega Ran and D&D Sluggers in the video game world. See if you can spot the games that inspired this, and you might be surprised by how it looks good enough to make you want to play after seeing.

Currently RNDM is available for pre-order on iTunes and is at #124th place on the sales charts, something that can provide huge exposure for an independent artist such as Mega Ran who has been making video game inspired music for years, selling out shows at gaming events, running worldwide tours, and keeps on giving back to the fans with more of what they want on top of helping out the community without bragging about it including supporting backpack drives through his widely viewed promotional channels.

Official Music Video:

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Pre-Order RNDM on iTunes

You can pre-order the album for just $4.99 which Mega Ran calls “the album of my life” and draws inspiration from both his hip hop and video game rap roots to fuse together a piece of his soul. If you’re not into iTunes though, that’s fine, but the first 999 people who pre-order the album on will also get a free copy of the Mighty No. 9 Official Video Game Soundtrack through a bonus Mega Ran has arranged with Comcept in addition to the free bonus song “Mighty” which comes on all copies of RNDM and plays as the ending credits track to the video game Mighty No. 9 which was created by the father of Mega Man Keiji Inafune through a successful $3.8 Million Kickstarter campaign paying tribute to the legendary Mega Man series.

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