Dragalia Lost, a new Japanese RPG by Nintendo, releases in Asia this summer

In a genuine effort to expand their video games library beyond proprietary hardware and enlarge their software business, Nintendo will launch a New IP to the Asian mobile market this summer. With real-time combat and a continually updated set of dragons with detailed backstory, Dragalia Lost looks to create something different than other mobile games.

The game is being developed in partnership with Cygames who also created Shadowverse (a Hearthstone-style virtual collectible card game) and have a financial relationship to Nintendo’s mobile partners DeNA. They were also named one of the top 10 game developers of the year in 2011 by mobile gaming press.

Gamer beware, this is title is expected to be a “gacha” game. This genre of games usually include heavy focus on micro-transactions, pay-to-win elements, and randomized loot box progression systems. This subset of gameplay mechanics is heavily loathed in the west, and as such we may never see this title release in US / Europe. It’s unclear just how much these elements affect gameplay, but crystals and dragon summons have already been identified as bonuses for pre-registration, hinting at such a transaction system and its currency being important to the main game.

A brand new set of unique characters, weapons, and world locations make up the experience which revolves around a first person narrator who details various legends about the different dragons.

The first of these dragons has been revealed as Midgards Olm who lives in the “Forest of Mist” which the game’s narrator met alongside the founding King Al-Bellis. This dragon is said to be very wise and honorable, but exacting. It can manipulate the weather and is related to the King of Arash. Similarly to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, dragons also appear to have their own voice and languages which somehow play into gameplay mechanics.

More information will come as the game approaches closer to its release date, which will be detailed at the Official Dragalia Lost Website. Pre-Registration is also available using a Japan, Hong Kong, or Macao Nintendo Online account, and the final release will happen on the Google Play / iOS App Store of these regions. There are over 20,000 followers for the game’s official twitter page and there have been over 200,000 pre-registrations thus far for the game.

So far Nintendo has released multiple mobile games including Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Miitomo, and Super Mario Run, each with varying degrees of gacha elements included. Their next western title for mobile platforms will be Mario Kart Tour and releases later in 2018.

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