Interact with a dynamic economy of prohibited goods in new crypto-game DopeRaider

Have you ever wanted to earn real-life money while playing a video game? In the upcoming crypto-game (currently in Beta testing as of today) players will slowly earn a crypto-currency while playing a title that brings back the concept of an older title that originally debuted as a downloadable application for Texas Instrument Ti-84 calculators (although it was inspired by an earlier MS-DOS version based on a game called Star Trader).

At its core, DopeRaider is a very basic RPG that involves players doing illegal activities (in a video game, not real life) in order to accumulate virtual goods that they will then go on to buy and sell for profits across various districts in which the prices vary. This is somewhat controversial, although at its core is a very simple game. The difference with DopeRaider is that it offers players the chance to earn a currency called Etherium, similar to BitCoin, simply by playing.

Earn money while playing video games?

It sounds like a very old pitch, well because it is. Many gamers have been asked this question over the past decade and a half. Everything ranging from tutorials on opening a YouTube channel or Twitch channel, to low-paid quality assurance testing programs has been tried. Now crypto-games aim to increase the gambit.

There are 7 districts in DopeRaider. Travelling between districts will allow players to buy and sell prohibited goods. Just like in real life, transporting these goods is where the bulk of the risk lies. Encounters can be generated including police raids, shoot-outs with rivals, and more. Various ways to get out of these situations include bribery, gun-play, and more. The better vehicles and equipment a player has, the faster they can travel, the more they can carry, and the safer they’ll be. The more weapons they have, the more options they’ll have if a gunfight erupts during their dealings.

The ability to purchase various equipment depends on the respect level of a player. This can be increased or decreased based on their actions. Recruiting new people, or changing their identity are also options in the game. The game will potentially require investments at some point of real world money, but that also means an increase on earnings in game, as well as an increase on the thrill of playing.

The developer team states, “DopeRaider is built on top of the Ethereum network. Narcos are unique ERC-721 tokens and all in-game actions are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Since Ether is the in-game currency, profits are real and all actions have real life financial consequences.”

For those worried about security, DopeRaider uses MetaMask, in essence an Etherium runtime library that doesn’t make users into nodes, to fully protect the identity of their gamers. All of this technology is very new and volatile, but it could be a desirable experience to wage war in a virtual game which drives up and down the amount of Etherium in a virtual wallet ready for cashing out at a later time. To sign up for DopeRaider’s Beta check out the Official DopeRaider Website.

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