World War 3 is the next big online game promising no loot boxes, no pay to win elements

The Farm 51, makers of 2017’s Get Even on PS4 / XO, have come up with a modern military shooter for the online multiplayer hardcore gamers who are unsatisfied with mainstream offerings as well as titles that try to be different just for the sake of doing so. Instead, this team of developers who have been playing FPS games since the golden days of titles like Battlefield 1942, Soldier of Fortune, Operation Flashpoint, and the original Rainbow Six have brought the genre back to its roots.

With focus on bullet collision accuracy, claiming the the most authentic gun versus armor system to date, there’s also enhancements being made to the classic skill-based FPS formula. While Get Even sought to bring a cinematic flair to a unique experience with thrilling action elements, World War 3 will instead go head first diving into what makes online shooters great.


Using armored vehicles, ground combat, and drones players will fight in online matches that have real consequences to an ever-changing large-scale map in the Warzone game mode of WW3. Resources will be gained at the end of each match which players can use to conquer / defend areas on the map which will decide the fate of their dominion. This map will be expanded with new territory repeatedly until eventually the entire world is at stake in the war.


Recon is WW3’s squad-based battle royale mode. Rather than the hiding and lone wolf style of other battle royale games, Recon seeks to bring a more personal engagement than Warzone mode with the added intensity of permanent deaths. All of the life-like features from the game’s engine will remain intact, this is not a dumbing down but rather another chance to continue the overall battle in missions taking place outside of the larger matches. Unlocks are also based on real life and include camoflauge, war paint, weapon add-ons, tactical gear, and more.

Real War

WW3 takes place in a realistic depiction of the near future. Real world weaponry and gear is portrayed, down to the uniforms. The development studio has said that they intend to invoke a sense of nationalist pride in the player as the fight to keep their country’s safety and reputation intact. Locations are modeled after real life places which could actually become witness to such a conflict in our timeline. Although a fun-focused online shooter, there is a certain degree of intensity and seriousness planned for the game which rides the line between arcade shooter and military simulation.


Being able to keep track of what’s going on around you will be an important part of World War 3. Players are rewarded for team plays and need to eventually specialize their load-out and behavior according to what they’re best at. Fitting together as a squad will become crucial to win and maximize scoring which will later be used to maintain balance or even push for victory on the world map. Time to kill and armor performance are simulations of the real thing.

World War 3 presents a global conflict in which realistic physics, ballistics, equipment weight, and gear customization means that each player is as vulnerable as in real life. This isn’t a game about super-heroes with kill-streaks and perks that bring fantasy into the firefight, but instead real life soldiers who fight for the control of Earth’s civilized countries.


There will be no loot boxes nor any pay-to-win elements in World War 3 according to The Farm 51 Recon. This includes the battle royale mode of the WW3, as well as Warzone. Survival will depend on skills in the game and mastery of realistic weapon versus armor statistics. Co-operation during tactical shootouts in tandem with an over-arching strategy for the greater ongoing war.

World War 3 will be available for Steam Early Access in Fall 2018 and during this time period military professionals will be employed as advisory to test out the game’s authenticity while players will be given the chance to help shape the mechanics of the game as well. The balance of fun and unforgiving realism will be a tricky one. The Farm 51 is setting out to make the game that shooter genre fans have craved for decades now while the rest of the world turned the concept of FPS games into a mainstream affair. We wish them the best in this endeavor and hope that the game can see its full potential in the coming years as well as find a sustainable audience to appreciate and populate the game.

Below is the official trailer for World War 3 released today. You can find more information as it becomes available on the game’s Official Website.

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