Pre-E3 2018: Fallout 76 Revealed by Bethesda Game Studios

After teasing players with a 24 hour troll stream that contained a bobble-head posed in various positions, Bethesda Game Studios finally revealed a short but sweet clip exposing to the world a brand new game they’ve been working on in-house. Fallout 76 is the name of this game which takes place in Vault 76 from the lore of the Fallout universe. Not much is known about this game yet, with further details being promised by Bethesda to be shown during E3 2018 in their own showcase at 6:30 PM Pacific Time on June 10th. But the mystery has intrigued press and fans who are gleaning every bit of information and speculation possible, already painting a picture of what Fallout 76 could be.

Among those informing what to expect in Fallout 76 is Jason Schreier (Author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels, and News Editor). Jason has may connections in the gaming industry and has been proven as someone who often knows things first. In an effort to help prevent disappointment of gamers building up false hope that Fallout 76 will be another standard Fallout game, he informs us that it definitely isn’t the usual formula.

Something to do with online connectivity is involved at the very core of Fallout 76. It’s possible that it takes place in a closed off fashion (similar to Prey) and perhaps even has an indoors-only Vault 76 setting as well. What exactly the differences in gameplay will be like, no one knows. Until June 10th, most of what you read about Fallout 76 will likely be speculation and educated guesses. But we still know a good deal of potential information based on the lore of Vault 76 which we can safely assume probably exists as canon to this game.

Fallout 76 takes place in West Virginia around 25 years after the nukes had dropped from the Great War changing the world forever (180 years before the events of Fallout 4). As such, there’s an older version of the Pip Boy being used. Vault 76 was supposed to have opened 20 years after the bombing took place, and from the trailer we can see that a big celebration was had in the vault with a mess left behind. This has led some to believe that the 500 occupants of the vault have left to attempt to “reclaim” the surrounding area, with the character we are shown likely to be a playable character who could’ve stayed behind or returned to the vault for some reason. We don’t know what happened to the others. They might have left the vault too early and met a grim fate.

Whether or not Fallout 76 will be an indoor game with RPG elements or an online multiplayer shooter with vehicles remains to be seen. Certainly there are heavy hints in the trailer that could mean either of the two scenarios. The game is being developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios themselves. They have not reached out for a third party to make this game for them. That means there should be a good amount of quality and polish for the title whenever it releases. We look forward to learning more about Fallout 76 at E3 2018.

Update: Fallout 76 is likely to be similar to Minecraft with guns, or Rust for consoles


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