IndieSpotlight: Songbringer arrives for Nintendo Switch (Sci-Fi Action RPG)

Songbringer is an ARPG made by Nathanael Weiss’ one-man development team Wizard Fu Games which was crowd funded in 2015 through the use of Kickstarter. The game is celebrating its third console release on Nintendo Switch which released on May 31st, 2018, with the original releases being in September of 2017. Songbringer is also available on PC through GOG Galaxy and Steam as well as XBOX One and PS4.

Songbringer is a procedurally generated science fiction action RPG in a pixel art styled world starring the team of human protagonist Roq and his robot pal Jib, members of the crew of the spaceship that bears the title of the game itself, the Songbringer. The game takes a lot of inspiration from NES games especially The Legend of Zelda; with its focus on puzzles, secrets and real time combat and combines it with the aspects common of a rogue like with its focus on world generation through the use of seeds and the addition of a perma-death mode with leaderboards so you can be motivated to improve your speed or play-style.

Songbringer also features a co-op mode that allows the addition of an AI companion or even a friend through the use of drop in couch co-op. Songbringer actively encourages multiple play-throughs because of its focus on a hand crafted world generator combining procedurally generation with unique human-designed generation rules creating nearly always unique worlds with a multitude of NPCs to meet, hundreds of items to find and combine to create lethal combinations and features over thirty achievements for those with a knack for completion.

For those who love The Legend of Zelda, role-playing games or rogue-likes (and especially those who love all of the above), this is a must play title no matter what platform you are playing on. With co-op, a friend can join in and make it even that much more worthwhile. Secrets of the game lore and gameplay mechanics add to the fascinating moments of enchantment that players can expect. Last but not least, in addition to dungeons and procedural combat areas, players can even share 6 digit seeds with each other to re-create generated levels discovered by players from around the world.

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