IndieSpotlight: Graveyard Keeper Alpha (Farming Meets Necromancy)

Graveyard Keeper is the newest upcoming game developed by Lazy Bear Games, the development team behind the hit 2016 indie boxing management sim Punch Club and is being published by tinyBuild Games, known for a variety of titles spanning multiple genres and platforms such as stealth horror Hello Neighbor, action adventure Mr. Shifty, physics platformer Clustertruck and survival adventure The Final Station just to mention a few of my favorites. Similar to Punch Club, Graveyard Keeper is also a management sim but switches the gloves you wear from boxing gloves to the gloves of a grave keeper’s while maintaining the undeniable charm we saw in Punch Club.

The game itself is a fresh concept in the wide spectrum of management simulators, taking the player to a medieval cemetery and giving them the job of a grave keeper. With plenty of different ways to go about their job; whether that be tossing bodies in rivers or selling corpses, blood, and body parts, Graveyard Keeper does not take itself too seriously. The game’s promo content is sporting the tagline “The most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of the year” and makes sure you know this is the absolute best graveyard shift you’ll ever take. Fun factor is a big focus.

Graveyard Keeper already reminds me of a mix of Stardew Valley and Punch Club, combining the charm that Lazy Bear imbued in Punch Club through its writing and creativity with the open-ended options that Stardew Valley gave players such as exploring dungeons, crafting, farming and foraging.

The art style is the perfect blend of gritty and dark that comes from a medieval era with a wide color palette and hand drawn visuals. The pixel art seen in this game is of incredible detail and precision. It’s perhaps what some refer to as ‘pixel perfect’. As it is a work in progress, there is still plenty more to see in time but from what has been shown in trailers and from gameplay seen via Let’s Plays on Twitch and YouTube, the future looks bright for Graveyard Keeper despite the bleak world the game occupies.

Graveyard Keeper is currently in its alpha stages and is set for an August 15th release on both the Steam platform and the XBOX One. It can, however, be pre-ordered for PC through the game’s website with three different pricing options.

  • $19.99- Graveyard Keeper Pre-Order: a Steam copy of the game available on August 15th.
  • $24.99- Graveyard Keeper Alpha Pack: not only do you get the game at launch for PC, you can get instant access to the Alpha build of the game and help shape the development of the game.
  • $29.99- Graveyard Keeper Deluxe Pack: all the perks of the Alpha Pack plus the inclusion of a digital art book and the soundtrack upon purchase.


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